Call for Chapters in Research Handbook on the Sociology of Organizations

I am editing the Research Handbook on the Sociology of Organizations published by Edward Elgar. Please let me know if you would be interested in submitting an original chapter commissioned for this volume. Though there is flexibility on the content of the chapters, I am especially interested in chapters that use classical and critical sociology in the examination of a range of diverse organizations around the world.

The scholarship need not be limited to institutions and formal organizations, but can be directed toward informal, grassroots organizations such as NGOs and online communities. Chapters that explore labor relations, ethical and sustainable environmental practices, race, gender, class, sexuality, leadership, alternative economic models to capitalism, politics, and the media are especially welcome.

Ideally, the volume would represent a diversity of international researchers with an array of critical theory perspectives. Young scholars are encouraged to submit. Chapters should be 7,000 – 10,000 words, and deadline for final chapter submissions is 6/20. Each author will be responsible for reviewing 3 chapters. All interested authors, please send an abstract and chapter outline with sub-headings by September 15, 2019 to

The video below provides more information on the Edward Elgar Handbooks:

With all best wishes,

Mary Godwyn

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