Richard Scott Article Award:  The W. Richard Scott Award for Distinguished Scholarship is granted for an outstanding contribution to scholarship on organizations, occupations, and/or work in an article published within the last three years (2014-16).  The members of the 2017 Scott Article Award Committee were:  David Pedulla (chair), Elaine Draper, Giacomo Negro, and LaTonya Trotter.

2017 W. Richard Scott Article Award Winner:

Sonia K. Kang, Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto;
Katherine A. DeCelles, Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto;
András Tilcsik, Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto;
Sora Jun, Graduate School of Business, Stanford University.

  • Kang, Sonia K., Katherine A. DeCelles, András Tilcsik, and Sora Jun. 2016. “Whitened Resumes: Race and Self-Presentation in the Labor Market.” Administrative Science Quarterly 61(3):469-502.

Honorable Mention:

Donald Tomaskovic-Devey, Department of Sociology, University of Massachusetts – Amherst;
Martin Hällsten, Department of Sociology, Stockholm University;
Dustin Avent-Holt, Department of Sociology, Criminal Justice and Social Work, Augusta University.

  • Tomaskovic-Devey, Donald, Martin Hallsten, and Dustin Avent-Holt. 2015. “Where Do Immigrants Fare Worse? Modeling Workplace Wage Gap Variation with Longitudinal Employer-Employee Data.” American Journal of Sociology 120(4):1095-1143.


Past Winners: 

2016 Winner

Winner: DiBenigno, J., and Kellogg, Katherine C. (MIT) 2014. “Beyond occupational differences the importance of cross-cutting demographics and dyadic toolkits for collaboration in a US hospital.” Administrative Science Quarterly 59(3):375-408.

Honorable mention: Mears, Ashley (Boston University) “Working for Free in the VIP Relational Work and the Production of Consent.” American Sociological Review 80(6): 1099-1122.

2015 Winner

Andras Tilcsik (University of Toronto), “Imprint-Environment Fit and Performance: How Organizational Munificence at MoraTime-of-Hire Affects Subsequent Job Performance,” Administrative Science Quarterly, 2014, 59: 639-668.

An honorable mention was awarded to Christina Mora (University of California, Berkeley), for “Cross-Field Effects and Ethnic Classification: The Institutionalization of Hispanic Panethnicity, 1965 to 1990,” American Sociological Review, 2014, 79: 183-210

2014 Winner

Kwon, Seok-Won, Colleen Heflin and Martin Ruef. 2013. “Community Social Capital and Entrepreneurship.” American Sociological Review 78(6): 980-1008.

2013 Winner
Isabel Fernandez-Mateo and Zelia King. 2011. “Anticipatory Sorting and Gender Segregation in Temporary Employment.” Management Science 57(6): 989-1008. Link. 

2012 Winner
Ruthanne Huising and Susan Silbey. 2011. “Governing the Gap: Forging Safe Science through Relational Regulation,” Regulation & Governance 5: 14-42.

2011 Winner
Matt L. Huffman, Philip N. Cohen, and Jessica Pearlman. 2010. “Engendering Change: Organiza- tional Dynamics and Workplace Gender Desegrega- tion, 1975–2005.” Administrative Science Quarterly 55: 255–277.

2010 Winner
Alexandra Kalev. 2009. “Cracking the Glass Cages? Restructuring and Ascriptive Inequality at Work.” American Journal of Sociology 114(6): 1591-1643.

2009 Winner
David Stark and Balazs Vedres. 2006. “Social Times of Network Spaces: Network Sequences and Foreign Investment in Hungary.” American Journal of Sociology 111(5): 1367-1411.

2008 Winner
Brian Uzzi and Jarrett Spiro. 2005. “Collaboration and Creativity: The Small World Problem.” American Journal of Sociology 111(2):447-504.

2007 Winner
David Obstfeld. 2005. “Social Networks, The Tertius Iungens Orientation, and Involvement In Innovation.” Administrative Science Quarterly 50(1):100-130.

2006 Winner
Brian Uzzi and Ryon Lancaster. 2004. “Embeddedness and Price Formation in the Large Law Firm Market.” American Sociological Review 69:319-344.

2005 Winner
Hayagreeva Rao, Phillipe Monin and Rodolphe Durand. 2003. “Institutional Change in Toque Ville : Nouvelle Cuisine as an Identity
Movement in French Gastronomy.” American Journal of Sociology 108(4):795-843.
Vincent J. Roscigno and Randy Hodson. 2004. “The Organizational and Social Foundations of Worker
Resistance.” American Sociological Review 69(1):14-39.

2004 Winner
Kim A. Weeden. 2002. “Why Do Some Occupations Pay More than Others? Social Closure and Earnings Inequality in the United States.” American Journal of Sociology 108(1):55-101.

2003 Winner
Isin Guler, Mauro Guillen and John MacPherson. 2002. “Global Competition, Institutions and the Diffusion of Organizational Practices: The International Spread of the ISO 9000 Quality Certificates.” Administrative Science Quarterly 47(2):207-232.


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