2018-2019 OOW Editorial Team

Laura Adler is a PhD candidate in sociology at Harvard University. Laura’s research explores the changing nature of work from individual, organizational, and regulatory perspectives. Her dissertation examines how companies set pay for new employees and the implications of these organizational processes for gender pay inequality. Other projects have examined city efforts to regulate ride-sharing and the preference among aspiring artists for “dead-end” day jobs. Her interests include economic sociology, organizations, work and occupations, culture, and qualitative and mixed methods.

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Sarah Mosseri is a PhD Candidate in Sociology at the University of Virginia. Her research investigates what it means to be a good worker and how moral understandings of work shape, and are shaped by, the structure of labor practices and relationships.  Her dissertation examines the social processes and politics of trust through a comparative ethnography of a restaurant, marketing firm, tech startup and the NYC-based ride-hail industry.

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Annika Wilcox is a PhD Candidate in sociology at North Carolina State University. Annika’s dissertation research employs a relational and social-psychological perspective to examine perceptions of diversity across employees and managers (of various race-gender social groups) who work in a high-tech organization. Other projects examine the role of gendered job mobility networks in reproducing job segregation and the influence of employment security on racially unequal job satisfaction. Her interests include work and organizations, social inequalities, research methods, and social psychology.

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