The James D. Thompson Award is given for an outstanding graduate student paper on organizations, occupations, and work written within the last three years (2014-16). The winner receives $500 for travel to a professional meeting.  Authors may nominate themselves, or section members may do so. To nominate a paper, send (1) a PDF file of the paper or a functioning URL where it can be accessed, (2) a letter (PDF or MSWord) justifying the nomination, and (3) contact information for the nominee (including email), to each member of the selection committee.  To receive full consideration, nominations must be submitted by March 31, 2017.

The members of the 2017 Thompson Graduate Student Paper Award Committee are:

Chair: Gabriel Rossman
University of California – Los Angeles
Department of Sociology
264 Haines Hall
Los Angeles, CA 90095-1551

Heather MacIndoe
University of Massachusetts – Boston
Sabbatical address: Department of Anthropology
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
77 Mass. Ave, E53-335
Cambridge, MA 02142

Michelle Maroto
University of Alberta
Department of Sociology
6-23 Tory Building
Alberta, Canada T6G 2H4

Meghan Tobias Neeley
University of Texas – Austin
Department of Sociology
305 E 23rd St.
Austin, TX 78712-1086,

Past Winners:

2016 Winner:

Winner: Benjamin Shestakofsky (UC, Berkeley) “High-Tech and High-Touch: The Labor behind the Screens of an Online Market.”

Honorable mention: Patrick Reilly (UCLA) “The Layers of a Clown: Career Development in Cultural Production Industries.”

2015 Winner: 

Brad R. Fulton (Duke University), “Bridging and Bonding: How Social Diversity Influences Organizational Performance.”

2014 Winner
Kim Pernell-Gallagher, “Learning from Performance: banks, collateralized debt obligations and the credit crisis.”

2013 Winner
Adam Goldstein, “Revenge of the Managers: Labor Cost-Cutting and the Paradoxical Resurgence of Managerialism in the Shareholder Value Ear, 1984-2001”

2012 Winner
Daniel Schneider, “Gender Deviance and Household Work: The Role of Occupation”

2011 Winner
András Tilcsik, “Pride and Prejudice: Discrimination Against Openly Gay Men in the U.S.”

2010 Winner
Catherine Turco, “The Cultural Foundations of Tokenism: Evidence from the Leveraged Buyout Industry”

2010 Honorable Mention
Elizabeth Chiarello, “Challenging Professional Self-Regulation: Social Movement Influence on Pharmacy Rulemaking in Washington State”

2009 Winner
John-Paul Ferguson, “Space Invaders: Social Valuation and the Diversification of Union Organizing Drives, 1961-1999”

2008 Winner
Taekjin Shin, “Pay Disparities Within Firms: The Role of the Chief Executive Officers”

2007 Winner
Matthew Desmond, “Making Workers Deployable”

2006 Winner
Jake Rosenfeld, “Desperate Measures: Strikes and Wages in Post-Accord America”

2005 Winner
Dirk Zorn, “Here a Chief, There a Chief: The Rise of the CFO in the American Firm”

2004 Winner
Isabel Fernandez-Mateo, “How Free are Free Agents? Relationships and Wages in a Triadic Labour Market”


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