James D. Thompson Graduate Student Paper Award:  The James D. Thompson Award is given for an outstanding graduate student paper on organizations, occupations, and work written within the last three years (2014-16). The members of the 2017 Thompson Graduate Student Paper Award Committee were:  Gabriel Rossman (chair), Heather MacIndoe, Michelle Maroto, and Meghan Tobias Neeley.

2017 James D. Thompson Graduate Student Paper Award Winner:

Josh Seim, Department of Sociology, University of California – Berkeley.

  • Seim, Josh. 2017. “The Ambulance: Toward a Labor Theory of Poverty Governance.” American Sociological Review 82(3):451-475.

Honorable Mention:

Amanda Barrett Cox, Department of Sociology, University of Pennsylvania.

  • Cox, Amanda Barrett. 2017. “Cohorts, ‘Siblings,’ and Mentors: Organizational Structures and the Creation of Social Capital.” Sociology of Education 90(10):47-63.

Past Winners:

2016 Winner:

Winner: Benjamin Shestakofsky (UC, Berkeley) “High-Tech and High-Touch: The Labor behind the Screens of an Online Market.”

Honorable mention: Patrick Reilly (UCLA) “The Layers of a Clown: Career Development in Cultural Production Industries.”

2015 Winner: 

Brad R. Fulton (Duke University), “Bridging and Bonding: How Social Diversity Influences Organizational Performance.”

2014 Winner
Kim Pernell-Gallagher, “Learning from Performance: banks, collateralized debt obligations and the credit crisis.”

2013 Winner
Adam Goldstein, “Revenge of the Managers: Labor Cost-Cutting and the Paradoxical Resurgence of Managerialism in the Shareholder Value Ear, 1984-2001”

2012 Winner
Daniel Schneider, “Gender Deviance and Household Work: The Role of Occupation”

2011 Winner
András Tilcsik, “Pride and Prejudice: Discrimination Against Openly Gay Men in the U.S.”

2010 Winner
Catherine Turco, “The Cultural Foundations of Tokenism: Evidence from the Leveraged Buyout Industry”

2010 Honorable Mention
Elizabeth Chiarello, “Challenging Professional Self-Regulation: Social Movement Influence on Pharmacy Rulemaking in Washington State”

2009 Winner
John-Paul Ferguson, “Space Invaders: Social Valuation and the Diversification of Union Organizing Drives, 1961-1999”

2008 Winner
Taekjin Shin, “Pay Disparities Within Firms: The Role of the Chief Executive Officers”

2007 Winner
Matthew Desmond, “Making Workers Deployable”

2006 Winner
Jake Rosenfeld, “Desperate Measures: Strikes and Wages in Post-Accord America”

2005 Winner
Dirk Zorn, “Here a Chief, There a Chief: The Rise of the CFO in the American Firm”

2004 Winner
Isabel Fernandez-Mateo, “How Free are Free Agents? Relationships and Wages in a Triadic Labour Market”


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