2013 Research in Organizational Behavior

The new 2013 Research in Organizational Behavior (Vol 33) has been released.


Preface by Barry M. Staw, Arthur P. Brief

The reorganization of legitimate violence: The contested terrain of the private military and security industry during the post-cold war era  by Joel A.C. Baum, Anita M. McGahan

Understanding stability and change in fields by Neil Fligstein

Ethically adrift: How others pull our moral compass from true North, and how we can fix it  by Celia Moore, Francesca Gino
Freeing organizational behavior from inhibitory constraints by E. Allan Lind, Kees van den Bos

Underestimating our influence over others at work  by Vanessa K. Bohns, Francis J. Flynn

Empathy wages?: Gratitude and gift exchange in employment relationships  by James N. Baron

Chemicals, companies, and countries: The concept of diffusion in management research by Jennifer Whitson, Klaus Weber, Paul Hirsch, Y. Sekou Bermiss

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