ASA Annual Meeting Travel Fund Awards

The American Sociological Association offers an Annual Meeting Travel Fund and the Student Forum Travel Award to help offset some of the costs associated with attending the Annual Meeting for those who would otherwise find it difficult to attend. The deadline to submit applications for both is April 24.

Application links:

Student Forum Travel Awards

Annual Meeting Travel Fund

Petition for ASA Section on the Sociology of Reproduction

Are you interested in forming an ASA Section on the Sociology of Reproduction? An increasing number of sociologists are studying reproduction by conducting research on topics such as pregnancy, labor, birth, abortion, contraception, prenatal testing, assisted reproductive technologies, and infertility. Further, the sociological study of reproduction is a critical place of feminist research. Here are a few reasons why an ASA Section on the Sociology of Reproduction is a good idea:

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ASA Award Nominations

From now and until January 31, 2017, ASA is accepting nominations for its nine major awards.  Each August the American Sociological Association proudly presents awards to individuals and groups deserving of recognition.  ASA members are encouraged to submit nominations for the following ASA awards. The deadline for nominations is provided with each award criteria. Each award selection committee is appointed by Committee on Committees and approved by ASA Council. The award selection committees are constituted to review nominations. These awards are presented at the ASA Annual Meeting each August. Remember! The deadline for submission of nominations is January 31, 2017. Currently, the ASA presents the following awards:

Any questions or concerns should be sent to Governance at We hope you will help us find those special sociologists who disserve this kind of recognition.

Marxist Section Member Drive

Are you interested in joining the Marxist Sociology Section?

Current membership for the Marxist Sociology Section is 284. We need 16 more members to hit 300 and to receive an additional session.
If you are a current member of the ASA and are not a member of the Marxist Sociology Section, please consider joining this section.
It is $12 for professors and $7 for students.

For the next 20 people who renew their membership by the end of the month, they will receive a free six-month subscription to Monthly Review.
After renewing, send Brett Clark ( your invoice and address. Brett will pass this information along to Monthly Review.