Call for Participants: AOM Symposium: Changing Landscapes: Gender Inequality and Remediation in Labor Markets and Organizations

Greetings! We invite you to attend our Academy of Management Symposium titled, “Changing Landscapes: Gender Inequality and Remediation in Labor Markets and Organizations.” The session is a live, synchronous, and virtual session taking place on July 31 2021 from 8 a.m. to 9:30 a.m. EST (New York Time) (UTC-4). We are pleased that this symposium was a finalist for “Best Symposium” for the CAR Division for AOM.

Symposium Overview

Although there has been progress in understanding some aspects of gender inequality, the hiring process and its contributions to gender inequality in labor markets and organizations remains unclear, leaving knowledge of the potential solutions for gender inequality incomplete (Petersen and Saporta, 2004). This symposium brings together four papers that deepen our understanding of inequality by focusing on changes in labor markets and organizations. A paper by Burbano, Padilla, and Meier examines an important but overlooked job characteristic—gendered differences in preferences for meaning at work —that may in part explain occupational segregation by gender—and are more pronounced in national contexts with greater levels of education and economic development. In another paper, Sterling, Gilmartin, and Sheppard suggest that informing employer’s beliefs about men’s and women’s abilities—instead of improving women’s self-beliefs about abilities—could be the pathway by which the gender pay gap lessens. Wang examines how laws in the U.S. (i.e. salary history bans) that address a specific juncture in the wage-setting process—initial salary offers prior to the negotiation stage—can reduce historic inequalities by disrupting path dependencies in wages. And finally, a paper by Zhang investigates how technological change such as e-commerce adoption by retail companies, may improve racial and gender equality in hiring and promotions.

Symposium Presenters

Matthew Bidwell, University of Pennsylvania, Discussant 
Vanessa Burbano, Columbia University, Presenter
Adina Sterling, Stanford University, Presenter, Co-Organizer
Shiya Wang, Stanford University, Presenter, Co-Organizer
Letian Zhang, Harvard University, Presenter

Additional Paper Authors

Shannon Gilmartin, Stanford
Stephan Meier, Columbia University
Nicolas Padilla, London Business School
Sheri Sheppard, Stanford University

Call for Participants: AOM Professional Development Workshop Filling the Void: Researching Our Latinx Experience

Dear OOW friends,   

You are invited to participate in the AOM PDW Filling the Void: Researching Our Latinx Experience (session 1190). 

Managerial research that addresses the complex and contextual nature of the Latinx workforce in the USA is almost non-existent. Yet, Latinx-identified people compose the largest minority group in the USA. This PDW will engage Latinx and allies in conversation to voice our concerns, begin a discussion, and set in motion a research agenda that acknowledges and accurately depicts the Latinx experience within contemporary organizations.  

Tuesday August 3rd, 2021, 7:30 am – 9:00 pm (PDT)  

The PDW will be conducted as a live session. 

We look forward to seeing you on August 3rd

Carlos J. Alsua – University of Arizona 

Monica Gavino – San Jose State University  

Carlos Gonzalez – Cal Poly Pomona 

Patricia Martinez de Sanchez – Loyola Marymount University 

Desiree Pacheco – IESE Business School 

Florencio F. Portocarrero – University of California Irvine 

Call for Participants: AOM Workshop on Occupations/Professions in Organizations:

Greetings! We invite you to participate in our Academy of Management Workshop on “Examining the Intersection of Occupations and Professions in Organizations” (session 87), scheduled for Friday, July 30th from 10am-12pm EDT

This workshop seeks to explore new directions in research at the intersection of occupations and professions in organizations by bringing together leading scholars with participants. These scholars will include:

  • Ruthanne Huising (EM-Lyon, Senior Editor at Organization Science)
  • Andrew Nelson (University of Oregon, Associate Editor at Academy of Management Journal)
  • Amit Nigam (City, University of London, Co-Editor of Strategic Organization and Deputy Editor-in-Chief of BMJ Leader)

Workshop participants will have the opportunity to ask questions after each panelist’s presentation as well as participate in an extended discussion at the end of all the presentations. 

In addition, we have also planned for an interactive Social Hour right after the event (from 12pm-1pm EDT), which will feature Zoom breakout discussions in small groups. We will provide the Zoom link to this social event on the PDW landing page. On the landing page, we will also offer participants an invite to the standing Slack workspace associated with this workshop, which has been a vibrant, valuable community for over 50 scholars in this area for nearly a year.

We hope you can join us for this PDW and look forward to your participation. 

Warm regards,

Workshop Co-organizers 

Matt Beane (UC Santa Barbara)

Curtis Chan (Boston College)

Julia DiBenigno (Yale University)

Arvind Karunakaran (McGill University)

Call for Participants: AOM Professional Development Workshop “Teaching Employee Share Ownership and Equity Compensation”

Academy of Management Professional Development Workshop “Teaching Employee Share Ownership and Equity Compensation”
July 31, 2021 

Dear Colleague,

We invite you to join us for an interactive live synchronous Professional Development Workshop “Teaching Employee Share Ownership and Equity Compensation” (11921) on Saturday, July 31, at 10:45 a.m. eastern at the Academy of Management Annual Meeting.

This PDW will explore ways to teach about employee share ownership in a wide variety of business school and management courses. Research shows that sharing equity and profits with employees can improve company performance while benefiting employees.  Despite its importance and its impact in the workplace, however, the topic is largely overlooked in the classroom. Please join this live synchronous workshop, which will include opportunities for dialogue and small group discussion. Attendees will take away new ideas for integrating teaching about employee ownership into courses that they already teach.  Presenters will share their recommendations for company case studies, videos, and a new source for guest speakers for classes.

Chair: Joseph Blasi, Rutgers University School of Management and Labor Relations

Moderator: Adria Scharf, Rutgers University 


  • Daphne Berry, University of Hartford
  • Edward Carberry, University of Massachusetts, Boston
  • Trevor Daniel Young-Hyman, University of Pittsburgh
  • Saehee Kang, Florida State University
  • Jegoo Lee, University of Rhode Island

Find details here:

Joseph Blasi
Adria Scharf 

Call for Nominations: 2021 OMT Junior Faculty Consortium

2021 OMT Junior Faculty Consortium

Academy of Management Annual Meeting

Deadline extended to June 1

Submit your application via this link

Questions? Contact the organizers: Marya Besharov and Paul Tracey

The Organization and Management Theory Division is hosting a 100% virtual Junior Faculty Consortium this year. If you hold a faculty position as an Assistant Professor or comparable rank and your research focuses on OMT related topics, this consortium is for you!

The consortium will provide an intimate forum for interacting with senior colleagues and peers about how to prosper in your academic career. It will include a combination of feedback sessions, panels, and facilitated discussions focused on three key topics: 1) developing your research for publication with the help of seasoned scholars in your area; 2) strategies for impact and growth as a researcher and teacher; and 3) navigating the early years of building a successful faculty career in diverse institutional settings. We will also explore the implications that the COVID-19 pandemic may have for all of these issues.

This year’s faculty mentors offer diverse scholarly and geographic perspectives. Many have been editors for leading journals and won research and teaching awards. The roster includes:

  • Roxana Barbulescu, HEC Paris
  • Daniel Beunza, City University of London
  • Erica Salvaj Carrera, Universidad del Desarrollo
  • Tiziana Casciaro, University of Toronto
  • Chad Carlos, Brigham Young University
  • Tina Dacin, Queens University
  • Giuseppe Delmestri, University of Vienna
  • Gina Dokko, UC Davis
  • Rodolphe Durand, HEC Paris
  • Dror Etzion, McGill University
  • Vibha Gaba, INSEAD
  • Daniel Geiger, Hamburg University
  • Andrew Hoffman, University of Michigan
  • Rachida Justo, IE Business School
  • Mukti Khaire, Cornell University
  • Tom Lawrence, University of Oxford
  • Brandon Lee, University of Melbourne
  • Siobhan O’Mahony, Boston University
  • Sun Hyun Park, Seoul National University
  • Trish Reay, University of Alberta
  • Chris Rider, University of Michigan
  • Lori Rosenkopf, University of Pennsylvania
  • Marvin Washington, University of Alberta
  • Klaus Weber, Northwestern University
  • Ian Williamson, UC Irvine
  • Jeff York, University of Colorado
  • Meng Zhao, NTU Singapore
  • Charlene Zietsma, Penn State University

Applications are due by June 1 and require submission of the following information via this link:

  1. Your name, email address, title, institutional affiliation
  2. Your curriculum vitae
  3. An extended abstract of a working paper on which you wish to receive feedback (5 pages maximum)
  4. An indication of three faculty mentors who are of most interest to you

ASA Webinar: Community Engaged Research for Impact

Community Engaged Research for Impact Webinar

May 19, 2 p.m. Eastern/11 a.m. Pacific. 

What is community engaged research? How can researchers successfully engage with communities? How can community-researcher partnerships be sustainable and impactful? Join us for this webinar, which will address these questions and more. Panelists include representatives from community organizations and the sociologists they partner with. After an introduction to their projects, panelists will engage in a moderated dialogue about what has made their partnerships sustainable and impactful, followed by Q&A from the audience. This free webinar is co-sponsored by the ASA Section on Sociological Practice and Public Sociology and ASA’s Sociology Action Network (SAN). Closed captioning will be provided. Register here.


A New Vision for Health Care: Centering the Leadership and Expertise of Immigrants to Address Social and Structural Barriers to Health in Fort Morgan, Colorado

Karen Albright, PhD, MSW
University of Colorado School of Medicine
Denver-Seattle Center of Innovation

Maria de Jesus Diaz-Perez, PhD
Center for Improving Value in Health Care

Joe Sammen, MPH
Center for Health Progress

Traveling Mercies on the Road to Health: Journey-Mapping After Acute Care

April Dixon
Immanuel Community Church-Omaha NE

Laura L Heinemann, PhD
Creighton University

LaShaune P. Johnson, PhD
Creighton University
Creighton University at Highlander

Message from the Chair / Virtual Event: Recording of Broadening our Approaches to Studying Race and Racism in OOW

Dear OOW community,

We had a wonderful, thought provoking, event revolving around broadening the conversation about race in research on OOW, with Victor Ray (University of Iowa U.S.A) interviewing Stella Nkomo (The University of Pretoria in South Africa) and Bobby Banerjee (Cass Business School, UK) on the foundational nature of race in organizations, and a paper presentation panel, with cutting-edge research from LaTonya Trotter (on Racialized Exclusion in the Health Care Profession), James Jones (on Racism in the Halls of Power) and Oneya Okuwobi (on The Hidden Costs of Diversity Initiatives). 

Here is the link to the recording:

Thank you!


Call for Submissions: Symposium on Corruption, the Rise of Populism, and the Future of Democracy  

Symposium on Corruption, the Rise of Populism, and the Future of Democracy 
The University of Iowa 
April 1-2, 2022 


We invite submissions from graduate students who are interested in presenting their research at a two-day symposium on corruption and the rise of populism, organized by the International Programs and the Department of Political Science at the University of Iowa. 

This event will convene a number of senior and early-career scholars from across the United States and Canada in an effort to foster an open dialogue about the challenges that corruption and populism pose to good governance and democracy globally. 

Graduate student invitees will benefit from participating in the panels, networking, and attending a workshop dedicated specifically to the graduate-level study of corruption. It is also our hope that this event will lead to a collaborative publication following the meeting in Iowa. 

Please note that we are specifically looking for submissions that address the following topics in East/South East Asia, East Central Europe, North America, and Latin America. 

  • Corruption and democratic consolidation, stability, and erosion 
  • Corruption, informal networks, and civil society 
  • Corruption, patronage, and electoral processes 
  • Corruption, misinformation, and the spread of extremist ideologies 
  • Corruption, anti-corruptionism, and human rights abuses 

The University of Iowa will cover the transportation and accommodation costs for the graduate students who are selected to participate in the symposium. 


Please send an extended abstract of the paper you intend to write (approximately 500 words) and your CV to Marina Zaloznaya at by May 15, 2021. Selected participants will be notified by June 15, 2021. The deadline for submitting full papers is March 1, 2022. 

Message from the Chair: Three exciting OOW and ASA events coming up – April 15th, 20th, 21th

Dear OOWs,

Three exciting virtual events are coming up – April 15th, 20th, 21st: 

I. OOW Virtual Discussion and Panel: “Broadening our Approaches to Studying Race and Racism in OOW” on April 21, 1:30-4:00pm.

Victor Ray (University of Iowa U.S.A) will interview Stella Nkomo (The University of Pretoria in South Africa) and Bobby Banerjee (Cass Business School, UK) on the foundational nature of race in organizations.

This will be followed by a paper presentation panel, in which we will hear about cutting-edge research from LaTonya Trotter (on Racialized Exclusion in the Health Care Profession), James Jones (on Racism in the Halls of Power) and Oneya Okuwobi (on The Hidden Costs of Diversity Initiatives). 

Click here for more information and registration link.

II. ASA Virtual Pro-Seminar: Publishing in Peer-Reviewed Journals 

Thursday, April 15 3:00 p.m. Eastern/ 12:00 p.m. Pacific 

Guest: Kristen Barber (Southern Illinois University Carbondale) 

You have a paper that you think is publishable, but how do you choose a journal? What can you expect from the peer review process? What is an impact factor? Join us for an overview of publishing in peer-reviewed journals by Kristen Barber, who will draw on her experience as a journal editor, peer reviewer, and article author. Bring your questions about any aspect of the article-publishing process. Closed captions available; this event will not be recorded. Members can register for free here.  

III. Webinar on Thriving Outside Academia: Advice from Sociologists in Practice Settings 

Tuesday, April 20 1:00 p.m. Eastern/10:00 a.m. Pacific 


o   Chloe E. Bird (senior sociologist, RAND) 

o   Howard Caro-López (civil rights research analyst, U.S. Federal Government) 

o   Jillian Powers (responsible AI lead, Cognizant) 

o   Curtis L. Webb III (senior researcher and consultant, Design Impact) 

 Many sociologists choose careers outside the academy: in government, nonprofit organizations, commercial industry, research centers, and other practice settings. This webinar brings together four sociologists working in diverse fields who will provide insights into these careers and share advice on preparing for these types of jobs. Current graduate students, faculty advisors, and sociology PhDs at any career stage are encouraged to attend. Closed captions available. Members can register for free here

OOW Virtual Event: Broadening our Approaches to Studying Race and Racism in OOW

Dear OOW Members,

Please join us for an important and exciting virtual event, “Broadening our Approaches to Studying Race and Racism in OOW” on April 21, 1:30-4:00pm.

We will begin with a panel discussion, where Victor Ray (University of Iowa U.S.A.) will interview Stella Nkomo (The University of Pretoria in South Africa) and Bobby Banerjee (Cass Business School, UK) on the foundational nature of race in organizations.

This will be followed by a paper presentation panel, in which we will hear about cutting-edge research from LaTonya Trotter (on Racialized Exclusion in the Health Care Profession), James Jones (on Racism in the Halls of Power) and Oneya Okuwobi (on The Hidden Costs of Diversity Initiatives). 

Click here for more information and registration link.

See you there!

The OOW event committee