Two Featured Articles in RSW Available for Members

RSW is happy to report that two featured articles in the current issue of RSW can be freely accessed on the publisher’s website. Below are the titles and abstracts. The first is Robin Leidner’s study of actors holding “survival jobs,” and struggling to maintain their identities as professional actors. The other is David Orzechowicz’s study of a seemingly gay-friendly work culture at a well-known amusement park. Both are provocative pieces that make for interesting reading.  The links should work, or simply point your browser here and scroll for the papers:

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New Member Publication on Who Publishes in Leading Sociology Journals

OOW Section member, Carolyn Perrucci, has recently published a new journal article on publishing trends in sociological journals:

Robert Perrucci, Mangala Subramaniam and Carolyn C. Perrucci, “Who Publishes in Leading Sociology Journals, 1965-2010?” Pages 77- 86 in Earl Wright II and Thomas C. Calhoun (eds.), What To Expect and How to Respond: Distress and Success in Academia. Rowman and Littlefield: 2016.

New Book: Nemoto on Gender Inequality in the Japanese Workplace

Section member, Kumiko Nemoto, recently published a new book: Too Few Women at the Top: The Persistence of Inequality in Japan (ILR/Cornell University Press, 2016)


The number of women in positions of power and authority in Japanese companies has remained small despite the increase in the number of educated women and the passage of legislation on gender equality. In Too Few Women at the Top, Kumiko Nemoto draws on theoretical insights regarding Japan’s coordinated capitalism and institutional stasis to challenge claims that the surge in women’s education and employment will logically lead to the decline of gender inequality and eventually improve women’s status in the Japanese workplace.

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New Publications: Two Handbooks of Interest to OOW Members

Paul Adler and colleagues have recently published a handbook that may be of interest to OOW members.  Additionally, an earlier handbook edited by Adler is now available in paperback. Both handbooks are listed below:

  • The Oxford Handbook of Sociology, Social Theory and Organization Studies: Contemporary Currents, edited by Paul S. Adler, Paul du Gay, Glenn Morgan, and Michael Reed
  • The Oxford Handbook of Sociology and Organization Studies: Classical Foundations, edited by Paul S. Adler

The table of contents for each handbook can be found below:

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New Member Publications

OOW Section member, Carolyn Perrucci, has several new publications that may be of interest to Section members:

  1. Richard Hogan and Carolyn Cummings Perrucci, “Who Gets the Daddy Bonus and Who Pays the Cost?” International Journal of Contemporary Sociology, 51, 2 (October 2014): 117-143.
  2. Robert Perrucci and Carolyn Cummings Perrucci, “The Triple Revolution, 1965-2015: Revisiting Institutional Social Problems,” International Journal of Contemporary Sociology, 52, 2 (October 2015): 213-230.
  3. Carolyn Cummings Perrucci and Robert Perrucci, “Economic Crisis and Its Effects on Hope, Trust, and Caring,” pages 11-25 in C. M. Renzetti and R. K. Bergen, (eds.), Understanding Diversity: Celebrating Difference, Challenging Inequality. Pearson/Allyn and Bacon, 2015.