OOW Gift Memberships

Last call for gift membership! Please help distribute our gift matching campaign.

If you want to give a gift membership but don’t know to whom – enter your name here.

If you are an ASA student member who would like to become an OOW member – enter your name here.

We will match and update gift givers with the details of gift receivers.

Why give a gift membership? Because it’s the give that keeps on giving!

OOW has been working hard to maintain and enrich our professional connections and community, despite the many challenges presented during the past year. Examples of our initiatives include:

Ø  Maintaining our active newsletters and helping to lead the Work-in-Progress blog

Ø  A half-day workshop on sociological careers beyond academia (a recording of the event is available here), 

Ø  A panel on organizational and occupational perspectives on racism, policing, and incarceration (a recording of the event is available here),

Ø  A half day event on race and racism in organizations, occupations, and work research (a recording is available here),

Ø  Virtual mentoring match – pairing mentors and mentees for activities throughout the year.

To give a gift membership, log in here. Under “Contribute/Give,” select “Purchase a gift section membership.”

To join the section, log in here. Under “Join/Renew”, select “Join a Section.”

By being a member of our section, you are not only a part of a vibrant academic community, you also have access to mentoring, professional information, timely virtual events, social networks and award nomination opportunities. Most importantly – you participate in building and shaping an intellectual community of scholars working on a wide range of topics related to your research interests. By giving a colleague or student a gift membership, you give them all these opportunities as well.

Please forward this email to colleagues or students who conduct research in this area so that they can learn more about what our section is up to, and how becoming a member might benefit them.

Thank you for being a part of our community!

With best wishes,

The 2021 OOW Membership Committee

Sarah Thébaud (Chair), Dan Hirschman, Brandy Aven and Janet Xu.

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