Call for Papers: Special Issue of Social Psychology Quarterly on Race, Racism, and Discrimination

Social Psychology Quarterly Call for Papers
Special Issue on Race, Racism, and Discrimination

Edited by: Corey D. Fields, Verna M. Keith, and Justine E. Tinkler

In 2003, SPQ published a special issue edited by Dr. Lawrence Bobo on the social psychology of race, racism, and discrimination. We are organizing a 20th anniversary special issue on the same topic to appear in 2023.

This special issue calls for article-length and research note-length papers that seek to understand the social psychological processes that shape and are shaped by racialized social structures. We understand race to be a social construction and are open to papers that conceive of race as an independent or dependent variable. We invite empirical articles that employ quantitative and/or qualitative methods as well as theoretical articles that make important contributions to social psychological knowledge. Data collection may be conducted in the field, online, or in the laboratory, and investigations can occur at one or multiple levels of analysis. We are particularly interested in research that includes groups that have been historically underrepresented in research on race and racism (e.g., indigenous populations) and that examines social psychological processes in racialized institutions like the family, criminal justice system, education system, and in healthcare. The social psychology of race, racism, and discrimination includes but is not limited to the following topics:

·         Discrimination and bias
·         Identity
·         Intergroup relations
·         Social cognition
·         Implicit and explicit racial attitudes
·         Power and status
·         Social networks and social capital  
·         Intersectionality
·         Processes underlying health disparities
·         Health and well-being
·         Emotions
·         Interaction
·         Trust and social cohesion
·         Collective action  

Manuscripts should be submitted at by January 15, 2022. See ‘‘Submission Guidelines’’ for the submission requirements for full length articles and research notes. Please indicate in a cover letter that the paper is to be considered for the special issue on “Race, Racism, and Discrimination”.

For more information on the special issue, please feel free to contact our editorial office ( or the special issue editors, Corey D. Fields (, Verna M. Keith (, and Justine Tinkler (

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