Member Publication: Unmasking work-family balance barriers and strategies among working fathers in the workplace

Please check out the recent publication by OOW members Sabrina Tanquerel and Marc Grau-Grau.

Tanquerel, Sabrina, and Marc Grau-Grau. 2020. “Unmasking Work-Family Balance Barriers and Strategies among Working Fathers in the Workplace.” Organization 27 (5): 680–700.


This article explores the barriers and strategies experienced by Spanish working fathers regarding work-family balance. Based on 29 in-depth interviews with Spanish working fathers in different types of organizations and sectors, the results of this study present different barriers that are divided into three groups: contextual barriers, organizational barriers and internalized barriers. The results also suggest that the study’s participants fall into three categories or patterns: hegemonic gender order conformers, borderers and deviants, who use three different strategies (no strategies, invisible strategies and visible strategies) to overcome the barriers detected in this research. The dynamics of reinforcing, being complicit and challenging hegemonic masculinities within the workplace are discussed in light of recent theories regarding gender and organizations, masculinities and fatherhood.

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