Member Publications

Please check out the recent publications by OOW member Carolyn Cummings Perrucci.

Hogan, Richard, and Carolyn Cummings Perrucci. 2020. “Earnings Inequality in 2016 among Anglos, Latinxs, and Blacks.” Hispanic Journal of Behavioral Sciences 42 (3): 363-380.


In this article we estimate gross, net, and interactive effects of race, ethnicity, marriage and family status, labor and capital markets, class/occupation and education and employment experience/effort, using the 2017 Current Population Survey, March Supplement. Following the Tilly and Hogan conceptualization of durable inequality and the Hogan and Hogan and Perrucci empirical work on Black and White racial and gender inequality, we update and expand that analysis to include Latinos and Latinas, focusing on the ways in which relations with Anglo men create or sustain distinctive forms of exploitation and opportunity hoarding, concluding that Latinas are truly disadvantaged due to ethnic barriers to educational and employment opportunities and exploitation as unpaid or underpaid labor, at home and at work.


Perrucci, Carolyn Cummings, and Mangala Subramaniam, and Robert Perrucci, “Gender and Publication in Two Longstanding Sociology Journals, 1960-2010.” International Journal of Contemporary Sociology 57 (1): 25-47.

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