Message from Outgoing OOW Chair, Elisabeth Clemens

Dear OOW members,

With exams and annual reports mostly behind us, I hope that all are enjoying hammocks or beaches or international conferences – each to his or her own taste.  But before heading off on my own escape, I want to finish some of the most important section business for the year – elections, awards, and membership – as well as to highlight some of the events to come when ASA meets in Philadelphia in mid-August.

First, I want to congratulate the winners of the election and to thank all who agreed to run as well as the members of the nominating committee.  The new section officers are:


Michael Sauder, University of Iowa

Council Members (for a three year term):

Nina Bandelj, University of California, Irvine

Tim Bartley, Washington University in St. Louis

Secretary/Treasurer (3-year term)

Giacomo Negro, Emory University

Bylaws Amendment (harmonizing language for the section awards): PASSED

Congratulations also to the winners of the newly-harmonized section awards – and many thanks to the members of those prize committees who read long and well all this spring.  We’ll be using the hour after the OOW meeting for a new event – Authors-meet-OOW – to allow for a lightning round of discussions of these important new contributions to our field.  The details and choreography of the event are still in planning, but if you want to include any of these in your beach reading, there will be time for questions and discussion with some of these prize-winning authors as well as a celebration of the career and contributions of Howard Aldrich, the winner of the Rosabeth Moss Kanter Distinguished Career Award.

Max Weber Book Award

Winner:  Anju Mary Paul. 2017. Multinational Maids: Stepwise Migration
in a Global Labor Market
. Cambridge University Press.

Honorable Mentions:

John Krinsky and Maud Simonet. 2017. Who Cleans the Park? Public Work and Urban Governance in New York City. University of Chicago Press.

Wendy Espeland and Michael Sauder. 2016. Engines of Anxiety: Academic
Rankings, Reputation, and Accountability.
Russell Sage Foundation.

Richard Scott Article Award

Erin Metz McDonnell.  2017. “Patchwork Leviathan: How Pockets of Bureaucratic Governance Flourish within Institutionally Diverse Developing States.” American Sociological Review 82:476-510.

James Thompson Graduate Student Paper Award

Jennifer Bouek (2018). “Navigating Networks: How Nonprofit Network Membership Shapes Responses to Resource Scarcity.” Social Problems, 65: 11-32.

Finally, I’m delighted to announce the winner of the sections second-ever distinguished career award to Howard Aldrich who has been the very model of a scholar, colleague and mentor over the course of his very distinguished career.

Rosabeth Moss Kanter Distinguished Career Award

Howard Aldrich, University of North Carolina

In addition to these celebrations, Emily Barman and the Program Committee have organized an excellent set of sessions.  Join us first thing Saturday morning for the roundtables and stay through Sunday:


8:30:    Roundtables

10:30:  OOW Business meeting

11:30  Authors-meet-OOW

2:30:    Rethinking Organizational Power

4:30     Culture and Organizations

6:30-8:10  OOW reception


8:30     Gender and Work

10:30  Professions and Networks

12:30  Forms and Relations of Work

Finally, a bit later in July, we’ll be doing a membership drive and, once again, offering gift memberships to new student members of the section.  Details to follow, but begin making a list of students that you would like to introduce to OOW.

In the meantime, with hopes of just the right mix of relaxation and adventure,

Elisabeth Clemens

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