Call for Papers: Mini-conference on Intersections of Economic Sociology and Organizations, Occupations and Work

Fellow Travelers on Different Roads: The Intersections of Economic Sociology and Organizations, Occupations, and Work

August 11, 2017
Desautels Faculty of Management, McGill University, Montreal

The industrial revolution fundamentally transformed society.  Central to this transformation was the growing role of work, organizations, and markets in daily life. It is no coincidence that the discipline of sociology was founded in this era, and that the study of these institutions continues to be at the core of both the Economic Sociology and Organizations, Occupations, and Work sections.

This mini-conference aims to bring together members of both sections to facilitate dialogue within and across our fields. The event will highlight work that advances research in Economic Sociology and Organizations, Occupations, and Work, using a diverse set of theoretical and methodological approaches.  We invite research that explores core themes from both domains, as well as research that develops the intersections and tensions between the two.  We are especially interested in new work that engages with emerging phenomena and/or uses novel perspectives. We hope that the conference will bring together economic sociologists and scholars of organizations, occupations, and work from across institutional divides, including those in sociology departments, as well as in schools of management, engineering, public policy, and industrial and labor relations.  Thematic sessions will be determined based on submissions.

The mini-conference will include a morning plenary session, regular research presentations throughout the day, and special breakout sessions at the end of the day for early stage ideas and showcasing the work of newer scholars. Mentor-facilitators will moderate these final sessions, ensuring that participants have an opportunity to receive quality feedback on their work.

The conference will be held at the Desautels Faculty of Management at McGill University, the day before ASA, on Friday, August 11, beginning at 9:00 a.m. and running through the day. Coffee and lunch will be provided, along with a reception at the conclusion of the conference. Cost of registration for members of either section will be $25 for faculty and $10 for students (U.S. dollars). Individuals who are not members of either section will be asked to pay an additional $30 USD.

If you would like to participate in the Mini-conference, please submit an abstract of no more than 500 words. Your abstract should summarize your theoretical or empirical argument, discuss how the research contributes to the current literature or debate, spell out the methodology (for empirical papers), and highlight the key findings and/or implications. The submission form will also ask you to indicate whether you wish for your abstract to be considered for a regular session or an early stage work/newer scholar session.

The deadline for conference submission is Monday, January 23, 2017. Your submission should not overlap any submission to ASA. We would expect that the research presented at the Mini-conference will be distinct from that presented at ASA.

To learn out more about the conference and submit your abstract, go to the following link:

Note: submission requires creating an account with EasyChair. Thank you for taking a moment to create an account, it will greatly facilitate our ability to review the submissions and correspond with authors.

Mini-conference Co-Sponsors
Economic Sociology Section, ASA
Organizations, Occupations, and Work Section, ASA
Desautels Faculty of Management, McGill University, Montreal
MIT Sloan School of Management, Cambridge, MA
Rutgers Business School—Newark and New Brunswick, New Jersey, USA
Socio-Economic Review, official journal of the Society for the Advancement of Socio-economics
University of Oxford, Economic Sociology, UK
Center for the Study of Strategy and Organizations, Desautels Faculty of Management, McGill University

Mini-conference Organizers
Matissa Hollister, Desautels Faculty of Management, McGill University, Coordinator
Lisa Cohen, Desautels Faculty of Management, McGill University
Elena Obukhova, Desautels Faculty of Management, McGill University
Nancy DiTomaso, Rutgers Business School—Newark and New Brunswick
Mark Suchman, Brown University, Sociology
Alya Guseva, Boston University, Sociology
Roman V. Galperin, Johns Hopkins University, Carey Business School
Marc Ventresca, Said Business School, Oxford University
Rachel Dwyer, Ohio State University, Sociology
Xavier St-Denis, McGill University, Sociology
Nicole Denier, Colby College, Sociology
Dustin Stoltz, Notre Dame University, Sociology
Michel Anteby, Questrom School of Business, Boston University

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