SPQ Call for Papers

A message from the editors of Social Psychology Quarterly: 

Dear Section Members,

We are writing because we have learned that a significant number of members in this section also are members of the social psychology section. In an effort to expand the breadth of the journal, we are reaching out to you to encourage you to consider submitting your work to SPQ. We would like to attract more contributions to the journal from a broad base of researchers who use social psychological approaches. SPQ is publishing full length (10,000 words) theoretical and empirical Articles and Research Notes (5,000 words).  We think that for many in this section, this would include your work.

We want you to know that we are committed to making editorial decisions in a timely manner. Over the past year and half, we have average 35 days from submission to first decision.

We hope that you will send your scholarship to Social Psychology Quarterly. Please contact us if you have any questions about a manuscript or the journal, more generally.

Kind Regards,

Richard T. Serpe, Professor                                                                         Jan E. Stets, Professor
Kent State University                                                                                    University of California, Riverside

Deputy Editors:

Michael G. Flaherty
Eckerd College

Linda K. George
Duke University

Will Kalkhoff
Kent State University

Managing Editor:

Ryan Trettevik
University of California, Riverside

Editorial Assistants:

Phoenicia Fares
University of California, Riverside

Elena Fox
Kent State University

Copy Editor:

Gianna Mosser
Northwestern University

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