Call for Proposals: Special Issue of the European Journal of Sociology

The European Journal of Sociology is pleased to invite proposals for a special issue to be published in 2018.

The European Journal of Sociology publishes innovative, empirical and theoretical research articles from every field of sociology. It is open to sociologically informed contributions from anthropologists, economists, historians, lawyers and political scientists. The journal has a special reputation for comparative and historical sociology but is not limited to these fields. It is methodologically open to qualitative and quantitative research. The journal aims to contribute to the diffusion of sociological research from European countries and to enhance interaction between European and non-European sociology.

With their special issue, the editors of the European Journal of Sociology wish to give special in-depth attention to an innovative and important topic of current sociological scholarship.

Proposals for the special issue should contain the following information:
  1. The names, contact details and positions of proposed guest editor(s) together with brief biographical details.
  2. A title for the proposed special issue.
  3. A three page summary indicating the main theme, key topics, and methodological foci of potential contributions for the special issue. The outline should contain the rationale behind the special issue, its planned scope, its innovative nature and its likely relevance to readers of the European Journal of Sociology. Please provide a list containing a short abstract of any contribution you intend to invite and information regarding the interest of the authors.
Key information to potential guest editors
  1. A special issue consists of about five to seven research articles and an introduction from the guest editor(s). The issue can have up to
    70 000 words.
  2. The editors of the European Journal of Sociology will assess proposals for the special issue. Once accepted, guest editors will be responsible for soliciting the articles and for organizing the double blind review process. Once submitted to the editorial office, the completed issue will be discussed by the editors of the European Journal of Sociology. The editors may ask for further revisions and, in exceptional cases, reserve the right to reject a paper.
  3. Guest editors will work according to the following time table:
    1. December 15, 2015: Submit proposal to the European Journal of Sociology.
    2. February 1, 2016: Decision by the editors on the special issue. The guest editors are informed.
    3. January 1, 2017: All articles for the special issue must be submitted to the guest editors.
    4. June 1, 2017: Completion of peer review process. Submission of issue to the editors of the European Journal of Sociology.
    5. July 1, 2017: Approval of special issue by editors, possible revisions.
    6. October 2017: The special issue is submitted to the publisher of the European Journal of Sociology.

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