New Publication: Workplace Well-being: Shifting from an Individual to an Organizational Framework

Hi OOW Members! Today we’re sharing a new article by Annika Wilcox and Amanda Koontz:


Wilcox, Annika and Amanda Koontz. “Workplace Well-being: Shifting from an Individual to an Organizational Framework.” Sociology Compass e13035.


Well-being (or lack thereof) is one phenomena that is shaped by and has important implications for organizational (in)equalities, yet remains widely conceptualized at an individual level. Through a review of previous research on organizational inequality and diversity, we argue for a shift towards studying “workplace well-being”—well-being as created by and through work organizations. We identify and discuss three pillars of workplace well-being and consider how these pillars are constituted across three levels of analysis. We note that “workplace well-being” offers a more theoretically- and empirically-grounded framework for understanding how well-being operates in the workplace. This concept can be utilized to “check” where organizational change is needed and develop change initiatives that better support diversity, inclusivity, and equity.

The argument is summarized for a general audience in this accompanying blog post.

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