WIP Blog – Come read or send a contribution!

We invite contributions to WIP. If you are interested, please send a proposed title and topic (one paragraph maximum) to the editor-in-chief, Bo Hee Min (boheemin@gmail.com). 

Work in Progress is a public sociology blog co-sponsored by four ASA Sections: Organizations, Occupations and Work; Economic Sociology; Labor and Labor Movements; Inequality, Poverty and Mobility and edited by Econ Soc member Bo Hee Min of the Copenhagen Business School. 

WIP publishes short (800-1,200 words) accessible articles of sociology, aimed at the general public. We publish three main types of content: research findings (summaries of published journal articles, working papers and books), news analysis, and commentary.  

Please check out our blog posts based on sociological research at our website (http://www.wipsociology.org/) and on our Twitter @WIPsociology.   

Latest from Work in Progress 

Uneven Access to Union Jobs Increases Inequality within Marginalized Groups (David Pettinicchio and Michelle Maroto) 

A second chance in the military (Eiko Strader) 

Labor’s Legacy (Daniel J. Galvin) 

No escape: When workplaces use social media (Xiaoli Tian) 

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