Call for Papers: ISA Conference: Work of the Future Redux: Technology, Innovation Policy

The deadline to submit to the ISA conference (June 2-4), Work of the Future Redux: Technology, Innovation Policy is coming up on Friday, January 22nd.  

Please submit your paper or panel proposal here. See a list of conference tracks here. 

You can also renew your annual membership here. Memberships are critical to the financial health of the ISA and are greatly appreciated! 

Now, more than ever, communities like the ISA are important for fostering connection, collaboration, knowledge sharing and professional networks. Please submit a proposal and join us in June! 

All the best, 

Liz Reynolds
ISA Program Chair, 2021

Call for Papers

Call for Papers: Proposals for paper and panel submissions are due Friday, January 22nd. See link for details. Those who submitted papers or panels for last year’s conference are encouraged to submit their updated proposals this year. 

ISA 2021 Call for Papers

Submit Your Paper Proposal Here

Submit Your Panel Proposal Here

Registration opens in early 2021

Visit our

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