New Sociology Series in the Evolution Institute’s Scholarly Magazine

See below an announcement about a new series the Evolution Institute’s scholarly magazine:

Dear ASA sections chairs and chair elects,

We are pleased to announce the new sociology series in This View of Life, the Evolution Institute’s online scholarly magazine.  Adding these articles to your summer reading list won’t take your mind off our current global crises, but we guarantee the articles will stimulate some new insights about them. We would be grateful if you could distribute this among your section members. 

Check out our introductory essay with David Sloan Wilson and the first two articles:  

New articles will be released each week according to the following schedule::

July 27:  Lengefeld, Hooks, Smith: Zoonotic Spillover and COVID

July 28:  Kalkhoff, Serpe, Pollock: Videochat and social interaction in COVID

Aug. 3:  Turner: Natural and sociocultural selection and COVID

Aug. 4:  Abrutyn: Emotions, Neuroscience, Suicide

Aug. 10:  Hitlin: Sociological social psychology and evolution

Aug. 17:  Hammond, Long-term economic growth and the pandemic

Aug. 24: Prescheduled Third Way Conversation

Aug. 31:  Evans: Institutionalization of Animal Welfare and the Evolution of Corona Virus(es)

Sept. 7:  Maryanski: COVID, evolution, and apes

Sept. 14:  Blute: Density-dependent selection

Sept. 21:  Atkinson: Religion and Evolution

Sept. 28: Prescheduled Third Way Conversation

Oct. 5:  Devine: Tyranny, evolution, and COVID

Additional articles will be published as they are completed.  We’re grateful to all who have contributed and we’ll welcome suggestions for additional essays.

Best wishes,

Russell Schutt, 2019-2020 EBS Chair and Rengin Firat, EBS Council Member

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