OOW Membership Renewal

Hello Everyone,

I just wanted to pass along a message from Melissa Wooten and the OOW membership committee as we wind up 2019 and start looking ahead to 2020.  In addition to renewing your membership, please consider submitting a paper to one of of our ASA sessions. The deadline is January 29th.

Michael Sauder


OOW Membership Renewal

Before you set your “out of office” email for the winter break, remember to renew your ASA and OOW membership! This is also a great time of year to consider donating a gift membership. ASA members can gift an ASA membership for students or section memberships for anyone at https://asa.enoah.com

Don’t know what to get that teaching assistant who graded all your papers this semester? Or that colleague who provided  feedback on your manuscript? How about an OOW membership? 

To purchase a gift ASA membership for students:

Once logged into the member portal, please click “Purchase a gift membership for a student” under the Contribute/Give heading. Students 
can be searched by name through the online member database. A new contact record can be created by the member if the student is not found in the database.

Your gift will be redeemable by the recipient for a ASA student membership (or a $52 discount on another membership type). Your gift recipient will receive their gift credit via email immediately after your purchase. Gift memberships are not refundable if unredeemed by the end of the 2020 membership year, September 30, 2020. Gift memberships are not tax deductible. The deadline for a 2020 gift ASA membership for students is July 31, 2020.

To purchase a gift section membership:

Once logged into the member portal, please click “Purchase a gift section membership” under the Contribute/Give heading. Select the section and search for your recipient by name. Section membership requires 2020 ASA membership. Only 2020ASA members who do not already have a membership in that section are eligible to receive a gift. Your recipient will receive an e-mail immediately after your  payment notifying them of the section gift. (Your name will be included in this message). If the recipient declines the gift within 30 days of  receipt, you will receive a refund by mail. Gifts are not tax deductible. The deadline for a 2020 gift section membership additions is July 31, 2020.

Wishing you a restful break,
OOW Membership Committee

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