Call For Papers: Inequality and Organizations: Paper Development Masterclass for Early Career Academics and Doctoral Students

September 20th, 2019, The York Management School, University of York, UK

Inequality and social justice are long standing concerns in academic research and public policy, affecting individual and collective wellbeing, diminishing growth and productivity and undermining trust in key societal institutions. Organizations, their structures, practices and strategies act both as potential barriers and solutions to this.

This master class, supported by the Society for the Advancement of Management Studies in association with The York Management School’s Justice, Ethics and Inequality theme, invites papers of 7,000-10,000 words by 21st June 2019 looking at the relationship between inequality and organizations, their structures, practices and strategies. Themes include but are not limited to: poverty, social mobility, diversity management, precarity, international inequality, corporate social responsibility, employee participation, and industrial democracy.

Participants will present their research to leading scholars in the field and receive detailed critique of their work as well as attending a faculty-led plenary session to provide guidance on researching and publishing work on inequality in world class management journals. Panelists have editorial experience at leading journals including Academy of Management Review, Journal of Management Studies, Sociological Quarterly and Work, Employment and Society, as well as extensive publication, editorial board and peer reviewing experience.

Travel bursaries of up to £175 will be given to successful applicants, intended to include second class travel and hotel costs if necessary. There will also be an optional dinner in York on the 19th September. York is a pleasant cathedral city in the north of England and well worth visiting, while the university campus is in a pleasant out of town location conducive to academic thought and discussion.

Please send any enquires as to suitability to Dr Kevin Tennent (, Dr Joyce Jiang ( or Professor Daniel Muzio (

Decisions as to acceptance will be communicated by 31st July 2019.


Dr Louise Ashley (Royal Holloway)
Professor Penny Dick (University of Sheffield)
Professor Kevin Leicht (University of Illinois)
Professor Jacqueline O’ Reilly (University of Sussex)
Professor Roy Suddaby (University of Victoria and University of Liverpool)

Please send submissions and inquiries to:

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