Call for Participants: Global and Transnational Sociology Research Clusters

We are writing to inform ASA members of the Global and Transnational Sociology (GATS) Section’s recently-formed research clusters. These clusters provide a forum to develop social networks, disseminate ideas and papers, explore opportunities for collaboration, and discuss methodological and theoretical issues specific to research on global and transnational processes. Currently, clusters are organized around the following themes:

  1. Arts, Culture, and Religion: contact Shai Dromi,
  2. Gender and Sexuality: Vrushali Patil,
  3. Global Environmental and Climate Crisis: John Foran,
  4. Global Human Rights: Kristopher Velasco,
  5. Global Populism: Marco Garrido,
  6. Social Movements: Selina Gallo-Cruz,

The section is committed to providing support for the research clusters. In previous years, this has meant providing tables for research clusters to meet prior to the GATS business meeting. However, research clusters meet as often as they desire and members decide the level of commitment required of one another.

For those interested in joining a cluster, please visit the website for further information ( or directly contact cluster leaders (listed above). For general inquiries, or if you’d like to create a cluster, please contact the coordinator, Jake Watson:

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