Call for Submissions: AOM Professional Development Workshop on “Experiments in Institutional Theory and Strategy Research”

The PDW is aimed at advancing experimental research on institutions and strategy by encouraging dialogue between theorists and experimentalists from different disciplinary backgrounds. Specifically, the workshop consists of two segments.

(1) The first segment starts with a panel discussion, in which leading scholars present their views on the following three key questions: What may experimental research contribute to the current knowledge of institutional and strategic processes in organizations? What are some of the key challenges involved in applying experiments to investigate these topics? What are relevant experimental paradigms and measures? The discussion will then be broadened to address other questions brought up by the audience.

Directly after the panel discussion, the PDW features a showcase research presentation titled “Ideology and the microfoundations of CSR: why executives believe in the business case for CSR and how this affects their CSR engagements” by Sebastian Hafenbrädl and Daniel Waeger. The presentation showcases one possible approach to explore institutions in the laboratory.

(2) After a short break, the second segment of the program consists of a paper development workshop. Here, the facilitators provide in-depth feedback on work-in-progress research submitted in advance by workshop participants. Similar papers will be clustered together (based on topic) and will be discussed in small groups. Papers should be related to the workshop theme and can be in various developmental stages; both proposals and full manuscripts will be considered.

If you are interested in participating in the second segment (paper development), please submit your work by email to both and no later than July 18, 2017. Note that you may, of course, participate in only one of the two segments if you wish.

Please note that we are currently accepting work-in-progress paper submissions for the second part of this PDW, where the facilitators (see the list below) will provide you with in-depth feedback on your projects.

Friday, Aug 4 2017 2:15PM – 5:15PM
at Atlanta Marriott Marquis, Marquis M101.

Alex Bitektine, HEC Montreal

Oliver Schilke, University of Arizona

Thomas D’Aunno, New York U.

Gerard Hodgkinson, Manchaster Business School

Timothy Hubbard, U. of Georgia

Michael Leiblein, Ohio State U.

Maxim Voronov, Brock U.

Klaus Weber, Northwestern U.

Maurizio Zollo, Bocconi U.

Sebastian Hafenbrädl, Yale U.

Daniel Waeger, U. of Amsterdam

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