Call for Applications: EGOS 2017 Prof. Development Workshop on Marxism & Organization Studies

EGOS 2017 Copenhagen: Pre-Conference Professional Development Workshop on Marxism and organization studies
Wednesday July 5, 2017; 09:00 to 13:00

Note: This announcement was updated on March 29th to incorporate adjustments made to the application requirements. These adjustments are meant to make the workshop more accessible to both graduate students and faculty. 

Paul S. Adler
University of Southern California

Yrjö Engeström
University of Helsinki

This PDW aims to offer interested faculty and doctoral students an opportunity to explore how Marxist ideas can enrich organization studies and the associated empirical research.

Marxist theory has a long history of engagement with the field of organization studies (see Adler 2009 for an overview) and EGOS has hosted a Marxist organization studies sub-theme in each of the previous five years (leading to the publication of several papers in a forum in Organization Studies April 2015). But there are not many opportunities available to faculty and students who want to learn more about this approach and discuss with others how it might help them in their own research. This PDW aims to fill that gap.

The workshop will be structured in two parts. In the first part, the workshop will feature the two convenors discussing where Marxist theory is similar to and differs from the main lines of contemporary organization theory, and how Marxist theory has been used in empirical research at the organization level.

In the second part, we will be in two streams:

  • In one stream, facilitators will lead small-group discussions on specific topics of contemporary interest, such as understanding the rise of right-wing populism, financialization, Marxist approaches to globalization, the shifting nature of corporate power, the rise of the gig-economy and algorithmic control, and contemporary modes of resistance.
  • In the other stream, participants will have an opportunity to discuss a project or draft paper in more depth with one of the facilitators.

Claes Belfrage (U. of Liverpool)
Chris Nyland (Monash U.)
Chris Smith (Royal Holloway U.)
Juliane Reinecke (U. of Warwick)
David Levy (U. Mass. Boston)
Craig Prichard (Massey U.) (to be confirmed)
Chris Land (U. Leicester) (to be confirmed)
Patrizia Zanoni (Hasselt U.) (to be confirmed)
Steffen Boehm (U. Exeter) (to be confirmed)

To be considered for the workshop, authors need to submit a statement of interest via the EGOS website. The statement (.doc, .docx or .pdf file) should include a cover page with your name, affiliation, email address, and a personal website if that is available, and a short description of your area(s) of interest and/or your proposal/working paper of whatever length seems appropriate.

The workshop will move forward conditional on enough applications being received by April 3, 2017.

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