Call for Submissions: 2016 AOM Professional Development Workshop on Trust

Please find a call for submissions for the 4th AOM Professional Development Workshop (PDW) on “Trust between Individuals and Organizations”.  Details are below or at

Saturday, Aug 6 2016 10:15AM – 1:15PM
Anaheim Marriott in Platinum Ballroom 7

Trust is a fundamental characteristic of work relationships and one of the most frequently studied concepts in organizational research today. This PDW is aimed at advancing research on trust by serving as a platform for scholars to discuss fundamental issues, engage in dialogue, and help further research-in-progress.

The workshop consists of three segments:

  1. The first segment starts off with a panel discussion, in which leading scholars share their thought-provoking ideas on the important topic of “trust dynamics”;
  2. For the second segment, attendees break into roundtable groups that discuss questions previously submitted by workshop participants. Submitting a discussion question on trust is a requirement for registration. These questions may include (but are not limited to): trust asymmetries, trust violation and recovery, the dark side of trust, trust across levels of analysis, performance consequences of trust, optimal trust, contextualized accounts of trust, dimensions of trust, trust versus distrust, trust in networks, and trust and control;
  3. The third segment consists of a paper development workshop, in which the facilitators provide indepth feedback on work-in-progress trust research previously submitted by workshop participants. These papers should be in an advanced developmental stage, targeted at a scholarly management journal, and no more than 40 double-spaced pages in length.

Registration requirements:
To register only for the first and second segment (panel discussion and round tables), email one discussion question on trust. To register for all three segments (i.e., including paper development), email a discussion question as well as a working paper on trust. Emails should be sent to no later than July 24, 2016. You will then receive an approval code that will allow you to register for the PDW online at

Organizers & Facilitators:
Organizer: Oliver Schilke; U. of Arizona;
Organizer: Bart A. de Jong; U. of Amsterdam;
Facilitator: Craig D. Crossley; U. of Central Florida;
Facilitator: T.K. Das; City U. of New York;
Facilitator: Dries Faems; Groningen U. (RuG);
Facilitator: Donald L. Ferrin; Singapore Management U.;
Facilitator: Ashley Fulmer; National U. of Singapore;
Facilitator: Melissa Graebner; The U. of Texas at Austin;
Facilitator: Pri Pradhan Shah; U. of Minnesota;
Facilitator: Andrew H. Van de Ven; U. of Minnesota;
Facilitator: Cindy P. Zapata; Texas A&M U.;
Facilitator: Todd Zenger; Eccles School, U. of Utah

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