Teaching Social Networks PDW

Saturday, August 6 – 08:00 AM to 11:00 AM – Anaheim Marriott Grand Ballroom Salon A, B

 AOM members interested in network analysis have benefited from various PDWs that cater to their need to keep up to date with the methods and theories in this area, but there is only one forum for learning how to bring their research interests into the classroom: the Teaching Social Networks PDW. Now in its fourth year, this ongoing forum for AOM members interested in teaching social networks to different audiences offers an opportunity to share and learn practical insights on how to prepare and deliver impactful sessions or entire courses on the topic.

In the first half of the PDW, leading scholars will give presentations describing how they have developed teaching materials to bring social network research into the classroom. In the second half of the PDW, participants will have the opportunity to interact with the presenters and with other leading scholars – including Brandy Aven, Ron Burt, Tiziana Casciaro, Joe Labianca, Bill McEvily, and Ray Sparrowe – in rotating roundtable discussions about how to translate social network research into effective educational experiences. The workshop will close with a plenary discussion sharing highlights from the roundtables exchanges.

The 2016 edition of the PDW emphasizes how to leverage network research to address a particular substantive topic. We are fortunate to count on the participation of the following scholars presenting their contributions:

  • Sharique Hasan (Stanford University): How network theory helps to solve unstructured problems
  • Tanya Menon (Ohio State University): Integrating networks into an OB course
  • David Krackhardt (Carnegie Mellon University): “Life in the Pentagon” teaching case

To ensure a high-quality experience and an atmosphere conducive to interaction and exchange of ideas, participation in the PDW will be limited to 50 individuals. Experience in teaching social networks is not required but will be considered when selecting applications.

To apply, please click here or go to http://bit.ly/TeachingSocialNetworks before June 15, 2016 and provide the data required in the online survey

Admission decisions will be announced by email on June 21, 2016

There is no need to register on the official AOM Site for this activity, nor do you need a registration code to attend

For more information, please contact one of the PDW organizers directly:

Prof. Isabel Fernandez-Mateo, London Business School (ifernandezmateo@london.edu)

Prof. Adam M. Kleinbaum, Dartmouth College (adamk@dartmouth.edu)



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