Member Request: Unpublished/In-press Studies of Social Class

Dear colleagues,

As part of an ongoing meta-analysis, I am writing to request any unpublished and in-press studies of social class. Because there are competing operationalizatons of this construct, this request may be a bit cumbersome. However, I am most interested in work that has used multiple measures from the following list:

  • Designating an individual as either an owner, a manager, a worker
  • Job authority
  • Job autonomy
  • Working under a fixed or temporary contract
  • Skills or expertise
  • Occupational membership
  • Occupational prestige
  • Wealth
  • Income
  • Education
  • Status or prestige of one’s social network
  • Cultural capital (e.g., preferences for music, art, food, sports, leisure activities)
  • Subjective perceptions of one’s social class

Also, I would be interested in any studies where you have examined how any of the measures from the previous list relate to:

  • Status
  • Power
  • Organizational commitment
  • Job satisfaction

If you choose to share your work, I would be grateful if you could provide the following information.

  • Design of your study (e.g., cross-sectional, longitudinal, experimental)
  • Sample size
  • Measures of association among the variables
  • Means and standard deviations of measures
  • If using specific scales, the citation for the measure or any modifications you’ve made to the existing measure
  • How you would like your work to be cited

Please contact me at: Thank you very much.


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