Announcing New Issue of Journal of World-Systems Research

Section members may be interested in the publication of the Summer/Fall 2015 issue of the Journal of World-Systems Research (, which is a special issue on World-System Biographies, guest edited by Kevan Harris and Brendan McQuade.

The papers in this special issue explore the intersections of biography and history, demonstrating how decisions and actions of particular individuals were shaped by the larger world-historical context, and how in turn the agency of individuals affects history. In this issue, David Huyssen explores the life of Alfred Winslow Jones, the socialist inventor of the hedge fund. Brendan McQuade explains George Orwell’s role in the Old Left. Roberto Ortiz considers Ruben Darío, the master poet of the periphery, identifying the continuing dilemmas of intellectuals from the periphery. Similarly, Ana Candela analyzes Chen Da’s transformation of sociology during the crises of social and political life in early 20th century China. Expanding the geographic range of cases, Şahan Savaş Karataşlı sifts through the career of Turkish Prime Minister Turgut Özal to unpack the heterodox path of neoliberal Turkey. Kevan Harris looks at the rise of Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinezhad as a harbinger of 21st century forms of political struggle. Finally, Georgi Derluguian reflects on world-system biography as a method and uses it to frame the life of Immanuel Wallerstein himself.

In addition to the special issue, the journal has two outstanding articles: Jonathan Shefner, Aaron Rowland, and GeorgePasdirtz explore how austerity policies and the hardships they generate for people and communities affect protest. And Cristina A. Lucier and Brian J. Gareau show how the framing of discourse around the toxic waste trade undermines efforts of environmental activists.

Recognizing the upcoming meeting of the Framework Convention on Climate Change this December. The journal has invited leading environmental researchers and scholar/activists—Patrick BondNora McKeon, and Andrew Jorgenson—to share their insights in a special symposium on the climate crisis and antisystemic movements.

The book review section features a special symposium on Nancy Plankey-Videla’s We are in this Dance Together: Gender, Power, and Globalization at a Mexican Garment FirmIn addition to this symposium, there is also the usual complement of reviews, including a review of a non-English language book.

The Journal of World-Systems Research is available free online at It is the official journal of the American Sociological Association’s section on Political Economy of the World-System and one of the first scholarly, open access journals. Please help us spread the word about the issue and forward the details below to friends and colleagues. You can also now find JWSR and PEWS on Facebook (

Journal of World-Systems Research

Volume 21 Number 2

Summer 2015

Table of Contents


The Climate Crisis & Anti-Systemic Movements

Nora McKeon | La Via Campesina: The ‘Peasants’ Way’ to Changing the System, not the Climate

Patrick Bond | Can Climate Activists’ ‘Movement Below’ Transcend Negotiators’ ‘Paralysis Above’?

Andrew K. Jorgenson | Five Points on Sociology, PEWS, and Climate Change


World-System Biographies

Guest Editors, Kevan Harris & Brendan McQuade

Kevan Harris and Brendan McQuade | Notes on the Method of World-System Biography

David Huyssen | From Socialism to Hedge Fund: The Human Element and the New History of Capitalism

Brendan McQuade | “The road from Mandalay to Wigan is a long one and the reasons for taking it aren’t immediately clear”: A World System Biography of George Orwell

Roberto José Ortiz | Aristocratic Rebellion: Ruben Darío and the Creation of Artistic Freedom in the World-System

Ana Maria Candela | Sociology in Times of Crisis: Chen Da, National Salvation and the Indigenization of Knowledge

Şahan Savaş Karataşlı | The Origins of Turkey’s “Heterodox” Transition to Neoliberalism: The Özal Decade and Beyond

Kevan Harris | The Breakaway Boss: Semiperipheral Innovations and the Rise of Mahmoud Ahmadinezhad


Jonathan Shefner, Aaron Rowland, and George Pasdirtz Pasdirtz | Austerity and Anti-Systemic Protest:  Bringing Hardships Back In

Cristina A. Lucier and Brian J. Gareau | From Waste to Resources?  Interrogating ‘Race to the Bottom’ in the Global Environmental Governance of the Hazardous Waste Trade 


Contributions from Aurelia Lorena Murga, Cristina Morales, Marina Karides, Jennifer Bair, Carol Walther, Smitha Radhakrishnan, and Nancy Plankey Videla


Is the American Century Over? by Joseph S. Nye Jr., reviewed by Salvatore Babones

The Myth of the Democratic Peacekeeper by Arturo Sotomayor, reviewed by Robert Rubinstein

Ancestors and Antiretrovirals: The Biopolitics of HIV/AIDS in Post-Apartheid South Africa by Claire Decoteau,reviewed by Lauren Paremoer

The Run of the Red Queen: Government, Innovation, Globalization, and Economic Growth in China by Dan Bresnitz and Michael Murphree, reviewed by Lu Zhang

Global Urban Analysis: A Survey of Cities in Globalization, edited by Peter Taylor, Pengfei Ni, Ben Derudder, Michael Hoyler, Jin Huang, Frank Witlox, reviewed by David Smith

Structural Human Ecology by Thomas Dietz and Andrew Jorgensen, reviewed by Beth Schaefer Caniglia

Factor Analysis of Historical Process: The History of the East [Faktornyy analiz istoricheskoho processa: Istoriya Vostoka] by Sergey A. Nefedov, reviewed by Dmytro Khutkyy

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