Conferences: Upcoming Global STS Conference in Leuven

Don’t Forget the Global STS Conference in Leuven!

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The STS Roundtable invites you to join us on September 9 -11th during the Festival of Connections and the STS Global Conference. The European Learning Network on Workplace Innovation (EUWIN) is holding its third large scale event in Leuven (Belgium). We have public sessions, panel sessions, smaller and larger discussions, and we are even planning bus trips to some remarkable companies in Leuven. Remember, Leuven not only has one of the oldest (and most vibrant!) universities in the world, it is home to the largest (and best?) beer producing company of the world ANBEV (better known as Stella Artois). EUWIN would not be a truly learning experience if it did not learn from its previous conferences. Our Brussels event (2013) in the European Parliament was overbooked; some people at our London event (2013) at the Microsoft building could not find a chair to sit on; our regional event in Rouen (2014) was supposed to inform 60 persons, but 400 eager workplace innovators visited the event. So, we now welcome all of you. Our Belgian partner network, with Flanders Synergy and the University of Leuven, have major experience in making you feel welcome. They even organised two spin-off events to give you even more insight into what workplace innovation can do for you and make your trip to Belgium even more worthwhile. Look at the Festival of Connection!

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Another reminder, if you haven’t renewed your membership or desire to start a membership to STS Roundtable please click here. If you experience any problems with either page for registration please don’t hesitate to contact one of the stewards. We look forward to seeing you all in Leuven come September!

Bert Painter (President):
Jose Martinez (Secretary):
Joe Norton (Treasurer):
Jean Fuller:
Pierre van Amelsvoort:

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