New Edited Volume on Immigration and Work

A new edited volume on Immigration and Work was recently published by OOW member Jody Angius Vallejo (University of Southern California) in Research in the Sociology of Work. This volume brings together new empirical research and theoretical innovations from cutting-edge scholarship concentrating on the intersection of immigration and work. Research in this volume investigates how larger structural inequalities in sending and receiving nations, immigrant entry policies, group characteristics, and micro level processes, such as discrimination and access to ethnic networks, shapes labor market outcomes, workplace experiences, and patterns of integration among immigrants and their descendants. Chapter highlights: Central American Immigrant Workers: How Legal Status Shapes the Labor Market Experience Cecilia Menjívar, Arizona State University, USA Transnational Entrepreneurship and Immigrant Integration: New Chinese Immigrants in Singapore and the United States Min Zhou and Hong Liu, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore If you are teaching a course in this area, you can request a FREE inspection copy. I hope you enjoy reading the volume, and you can use this link to purchase a copy.

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