New book: Research in Organizational Behavior, Volume 34

Hooray! Another volume of Research in Organizational Behavior is available. Examples of distinguished scholars included in the volume include Nalini Ambady, Michel Anteby, Karl Aquino, Julie Battilana, Max Bazerman, Taya Cohen, Francesca Gino, Denny Gioia, Henrich Greve, Aron Kay, Mike Morris, Huggy Rao, and Phil Tetlock.


Art Brief & Barry Staw

Research in Organizational Behavior
Volume 34, Pages 1-236 (2014)

List of Contributors<>
Page ii

Pages 1-2
Arthur P. Brief, Barry Staw

The shifting landscape of LGBT organizational research<>
Review Article
Pages 3-25
Michel Anteby, Caitlin Anderson

History and the present: Institutional legacies in communities of organizations<>
Review Article
Pages 27-41
Henrich R. Greve, Hayagreeva Rao

Moral character: What it is and what it does<>
Review Article
Pages 43-61
Taya R. Cohen, Lily Morse

Morality rebooted: Exploring simple fixes to our moral bugs<>
Review Article
Pages 63-79
Ting Zhang, Francesca Gino, Max H. Bazerman

The governance of social enterprises: Mission drift and accountability challenges in hybrid organizations<>
Review Article
Pages 81-100
Alnoor Ebrahim, Julie Battilana, Johanna Mair

People perception: Social vision of groups and consequences for organizing and interacting<>
Review Article
Pages 101-127
L. Taylor Phillips, Max Weisbuch, Nalini Ambady

Image is everything: Reflections on the dominance of image in modern organizational life<>
Review Article
Pages 129-154
Dennis A. Gioia, Aimee L. Hamilton, Shubha D. Patvardhan

Punctuated incongruity: A new approach to managing trade-offs between conformity and deviation<>
Review Article
Pages 155-171
Shefali V. Patil, Philip E. Tetlock

System justification in organizational contexts: How a Motivated preference for the status quo can affect organizational attitudes and behaviors<>
Review Article
Pages 173-187
Devon Proudfoot, Aaron C. Kay

When in Rome: Intercultural learning and implications for training<>
Review Article
Pages 189-215
Michael W. Morris, Krishna Savani, Shira Mor, Jaee Cho

Social sexual behavior at work<>
Review Article
Pages 217-236
Karl Aquino, Leah Sheppard, Marla Baskerville Watkins, Jane O’Reilly, Alexis Smith

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