Stream on Marxist Organization Studies, EGOS 2014, Rotterdam, Call for papers

“Marxism and Organizational Scholarship in Unsettled Times”:

Sub-theme 24 at the 2014 EGOS Colloquium, Rotterdam, July 2-5 2014:

(a) Sub-Theme Call for Papers, and (b) invitation to a pre-conference Workshop

(a) Sub-theme CFP:

The goal of this sub-theme meeting (July 3-5, 2014) is to build on the success of the first four meetings in bringing together people who share an interest in building on Marx’s ideas to advance organization studies. We are not dogmatic in an attachment to any specific kind of Marxism – all kinds are welcome.

The theme of the 2014 Colloquium is “Reimagining, Rethinking, Reshaping: Organizational Scholarship in Unsettled Times.” Given the emphasis in Marxist scholarship on crisis and how social structures become embedded and then uprooted, the Marxist subtheme is well positioned to address the core theme of the conference. In previous years our subtheme has enjoyed lively debate spanning a wide range of Marxist approaches. Some scholars have sought to integrate insights from organization studies into a Marxist framework, while others have examined how Marxist insights may fruitfully add analytical value to other research traditions. This year’s call notes that we need to “rethink, and reshape our scholarship in light of the deeply invasive period of stagnation and decline we currently face.” We thus invite papers that specifically show how Marxist theory can contribute to reimagining and rethinking how organizational scholarship can better address contemporary problems in the world economy, to ensure human flourishing and environmental sustainability in a globalizing world.

More details on the topics we envisage are available at:
If you intend to submit a short paper, please first take a look at the Guidelines and criteria for the submission of short papers at EGOS Colloquia. While the overall EGOS Call asks for short papers under 3,000 words, this sub-theme encourages longer submissions so we can better assess the fit with our program.

Time period for submission of short papers:
Monday, September 16, 2013 to Monday, January 13, 2014.


(b) Pre-conference workshop

Our 2014 Rotterdam meeting of the sub-theme on Marxist organization studies will be expanded to include a pre-conference “workshop” all day Weds July 2. We invite people who are interested in discussing how Marxist ideas could help advance a paper or a research project that they are working on — no matter what stage the paper or project is at –and who are interested in helping others in this way. Even if you don’t have a paper or project of your own, you are welcome if you would like to help others move their work ahead using Marxist ideas. This will not be a tutorial (although we can circulate a background reading list for interested participants), but an opportunity to discuss and develop research ideas.

This workshop is designed for people of all ranks — PhD students are especially invited, but we encourage junior and senior scholars to join too. It will be an opportunity for people to connect with us even if they feel they need to give priority to other sub-themes in the conference proper, and it will open the door to people who have interests in Marxist ideas but have not yet developed their ideas into a full paper.

Adler, Delbridge, and Vidal will act as discussion facilitators and will organize the day to give each paper/proposal substantial workshop attention.

We will end the day with a dinner to which the Sub-theme participants are also invited.

For planning purposes, we will need to know if you are interested in participating by March 1, 2014.

We hope you can join us in this and that you will reach out to colleagues and doctoral students who might be interested.


Paul S. Adler, University of Southern California, USA Website:


Rick Delbridge, Cardiff Business School, UK Website:

Matt Vidal
, King’s College London, UK Website:

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