The Enigma of Diversity: The Language of Race and the Limits of Racial Justice by Ellen Berrey.  University of Chicago Press (May 2015)


Diversity today is a widely honored American value. But does this public commitment to diversity constitute a civil rights victory? Drawing on six years of fieldwork and historical sources dating back to the 1950s, Ellen Berrey examines three case studies from widely varying arenas: affirmative action in the University of Michigan’s admissions program, housing redevelopment in Chicago’s Rogers Park neighborhood, and a human resources department at a Fortune 500 company. The book explores the complicated meanings, uses, and effects of diversity as it is invoked by different organizational actors for different, often symbolic ends. In each case, diversity affirms inclusiveness, especially in the most coveted jobs and colleges, yet it resists fundamental change in practices and cultures that are the foundation of social inequality. The Enigma of Diversity identifies the true cost of the popular embrace of diversity: the taming of demands for racial justice.

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In the past couple of years, our section has organized small groups of members with mixed seniority (typically a group of students and one or more faculty members) to have dinner at a local restaurant during the ASA meetings.  We will be running these meals again this year, except that they will be lunch meetings rather than dinner.  They will take place on the third day of the conference, Monday, August 24th, a bit after noon (to accommodate sessions that end at 12:10).
Kim Fox has once again generously agreed to coordinate the lunch groups.  She will collect the names of people who sign up, assemble the groups, and provide restaurant recommendations. If you (either faculty members, students, or others) are interested, please complete this brief online form and Kim will place you in a group:

Once we get closer to the meeting, Kim will inform you of the group you are in and provide a list of possible restaurants to help your group make your lunch plans.  If you have further questions, you can reach her at<>

We look forward to seeing you in Chicago.

The Work and Family Researchers Network (WFRN) is seeking applicants for 2016 Early Career Work and Family Fellowships. The goal of the program is to help promising young scholars establish career successes, as well as connect them to the WFRN community. Fifteen scholars will be selected for the program.  Fellows receive a one year membership in the WFRN, conference registration, and $500 to help defer expenses to attend the 2016 WFRN Conference (to be held June 23-25 in Washington DC). At the conference, special events will be targeted to serve interests of fellows, including networking opportunities with senior scholars and teaching/research workshops. In addition, fellows will be connected with one another in periodic encounters beyond the conference, intended to facilitate collaboration and peer-mentorship. To be eligible, candidates must have received their doctorate in 2013 or later and have yet to progress into tenured or secure senior level positions.  Eligibility is not restricted on the basis of national location. Information about the program and application materials can be found at The deadline for receipt of applications is September 15, 2015. Questions about the program can be addressed to the program director, Stephen Sweet at SSWEET@ITHACA.EDU.

David Luke, who recently accepted a position as Assistant Director of the Martin Luther King Center at the University of Kentucky, has two new articles.

Luke, David (2015) “Race vs. Class: Is the Market Colorblind?,” disClosure: A Journal of Social Theory: Vol. 24, Article 3.

Available at:

  • David J. Luke, Carrie B. Oser, Ebony and Ivory? Interracial dating intentions and behaviors of disadvantaged African American women in Kentucky, Social Science Research, Volume 53, September 2015, Pages 338-350.

Available at:

Dear Section Members,

As you have perhaps know by now, Randy Hodson, a member of the section and prior recipient of the OOW section’s Max Weber (1999) and W. Richard Scott Awards (2005) and the IPM section’s Robert M. Hauser Distinguished Scholar Award (2014), passed away this Spring at young age of 62. Friend’s and admirers of Randy and his work will be gathering for a remembrance, to share thoughts regarding Randy as a friend and colleague, at this year’s ASA in Chicago.  We hope anyone who knew of or appreciated Randy as a person and/or scholar in the field will join us for this event.  Time, date and location will be on the ASA program, but are listed here, below, for your convenience.

Event Name:                    Memorial Gathering in Honor of Randy Hodson

Room Assignment:         Hilton Chicago, Astoria Room, Third Floor

Event Date and Time:        Sunday, 8/23/2015; 8:00-10:00pm

Best Wishes,

Vinnie Roscigno


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