A Tribute to Randy Hodson: New Volume Of Research in the Sociology of Work

We are excited to share news of a new volume of Research in the Sociology of Work, which gives tribute to Randy Hodson.

A Gedenkschrift to Randy Hodson: Working with Dignity, Volume 28
Edited by Lisa Keister (Duke University) and Vincent Roscigno (The Ohio State University)

ISBN: 9781785607271

Randy Hodson was one of contemporary sociology’s central figures in the study of work, occupations, and inequality. This volume pays tribute to his important scholarly contributions. Chapters by other important scholars in these fields reflect and build on his research in work conditions, worker resistance, and social stratification.

“This important volume extends a research tradition that finds its source in Randy Hodson’s remarkable scholarship, and particularly in his ability to put  the lifeworld of workers back at the center of the sociology of work. Neophytes and social scientists already familiar with Hodson’s  research program have much to learn from this first-class collection  of essays. Through the various chapters, sociologists will rediscover a first rate mind — and human being — at work. Kudos to the editor for making this uniquely creative Gedenkschrift!”

Michele Lamont, author of The Dignity of Working Men, Professor of Sociology and African and American Studies, Harvard University

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