EEOC at Work: Research Resources for Sociologists

Editor’s Note: The following ASA recap comes to us from Julie Kmec and Sandra Kalev. All slides have been posted with permission. If other ASA session organizers wish to put together similar website posts, please contact Chris at

This invited session offered a unique opportunity for researchers to learn about rich data sources for studying work, organizations and inequality. The panel showcased the types  of data available for researchers by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, the agency responsible for overseeing employers’ nondiscrimination practices and outcomes. The EEOC can offer a variety of quantitative and qualitative data sources on organizations, demographics and discrimination for academics to explore. Panelists were both EEOC officials and sociologists working with these data and they discussed data access and surveys a wide range of possible research projects. We are attaching the slides for those who had to miss the panel and are interested in learning about research possibilities with these data.


Ronald Edwards, Director of the Program Research and Surveys Division of the EEOC – slides

Donald Tomaskovic-Devey, University of Massachusetts – slides

Beth Hirsh, University of British Columbia – slides


Organizer Names: 

Alexandra Kalev, Tel Aviv University

Julie Kmec, Washington State University