2014 OOW Section Awards

We are excited to announce that the 2014 OOW Section Awards committees have been organized. For those of you unfamiliar with our awards process, we offer three awards on a yearly basis:

Details on each award, including award committees and submission processes, can be found on each award’s webpage. Follow the links above, or from the site menu, for additional information.

2013 OOW section award winners

2013 Max Weber Award for best book:

Congratulations to Elizabeth Popp Berman, author of Creating the Market University: How Academic Science Became an Economic Engine (Princeton University Press, 2012).

Thanks to Kate Kellogg, Emily Barman, Kieran Healy, and Joseph Hermanowicz for serving on the Weber Award committee.


2013 W. Richard Scott Award for best article:

Congratulations to Isabel Fernandez-Mateo and Zelia King for receiving the Scott award for their article titled “Anticipatory Sorting and Gender Segregation in Temporary Employment,” published in Management Science, 2011.

The committee also wishes to recognize Cheris Sung-ching Chan for her article “Culture, State, and Varieties of Capitalism: A Comparative Study of Life Insurance Markets in Hong Kong and Taiwain,” published in the British Journal of Sociology, 2012. (Honorable Mention – Scott Award)

Thanks to Ruthanne Huising, Debra Osnowitz, Lindsay Owens, and Ezra Zuckerman for their work on the Scott Award committee.


2013 Thompson Award for best graduate student paper:

Congratulations to Adam Goldstein (UC Berkeley) for his paper titled “Revenge of the Managers: Labor Cost-Cutting and the Paradoxical Resurgence of Managerialism in the Shareholder Value Era, 1984-2001.”

Honorable mention designations were also noted for two other papers:

  • “Does this Make Me Look Fat? Aesthetic Labor and Fat Talk as Emotional Labor in a Women’s Plus-Size Clothing Store” by Kjerstin Gruys (UCLA). This piece was published in Social Problems in 2012.
  • “Defense against Recession: U.S. Business Mobilization, 1950-1970” by Todd Schifeling (Michigan).

Thanks to Sandy Welsh, Christopher Andrews, Daniel Schneider, and Gretchen Webber for their work on the Thompson committee as well.