Call for Participants: ASA Workshop: Teaching about Alternatives to Bureaucracy

ASA Workshop: Teaching about Alternatives to Bureaucracy

Sunday, August 7, 8:00-9:30am PDT at LACC, Level 2, 501B  

If you are interested in including material in your classes about worker cooperatives and other participatory organizations and how they can promote economic democracy and greater equality, please join us at our Sunday ASA workshop “Teaching about Alternatives to Bureaucracy: New Discussions and Approaches.” This workshop will go over ways to teach about cooperative, democratic, and nonhierarchical organizations in a wide variety of sociology courses. We will provide resources and also crowdsource ideas from participants. Adria Scharf (Rutgers University), Katherine Chen (City College/CUNY), Joyce Rothschild (Virginia Tech), Katie Sobering (University of North Texas), and Victor Chen (Virginia Commonwealth University) will be leading the session. The workshop will be interactive and a fun opportunity to get to know junior and senior scholars who teach and study these topics. Also, as part of the workshop, Adria Scharf is collecting resources such as syllabi for the Curriculum Library for Employee Ownership (CLEO) at Rutgers; if you have anything to share, please contact her at

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