Call for Abstracts: Globalization and Global Governance Before, During and After the Pandemic

Call for Abstracts: Globalization and Global Governance Before, During and After the Pandemic 

Preconference Proposal to the 2022 ASA Annual Meeting: “Bureaucracies of Displacement” August 5, 2022

Pre-conference Theme: The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the nature and structure of globalization in multiple, potentially conflicting ways. International organizations were often shown to be unable to respond to the scale of the crisis, yet—lacking viable alternatives—they remain the focal points for transnational rule- and norm-making. Pre-existing trends of overt politicization of globalization rapidly accelerated, with domestic policymakers turning international cooperation into a salient issue in electoral politics with follow-on implications for the functioning and financing of global governance. Challenges in global value chains prompted a rethink on the merits of geographically dispersed production, even though restructuring the organization of production across borders will take years to fully materialize—if at all. All this is taking place against a backdrop of intensifying socio-economic and environmental crises that will present ever-greater challenges for international organization. 
Given the scale of crises that require collective solutions, this pre-conference aims to leverage sociological theories and research to better understand the current conjuncture, including by examining the power and pathologies of the international institutions with a mandate to develop such solutions. Sociologists in diverse sub-fields—like global and transnational sociology, political economy and economic sociology, political sociology, sociologies of law and culture, and organization studies—have developed distinctive tools to understand the construction of globalization and the bureaucratic infrastructures underpinning it. The preconference hopes to showcase this diverse work and its potential for identifying possible futures of globalization. 

This year’s Annual Meeting theme “Bureaucracies of Displacement” offers opportunities to expand the sociology of globalization and global governance in new directions. Globalization rests on institutional and bureaucratic foundations at different levels of analysis that contribute to the stability of the international order, even in a de-stabilizing world. Unpacking these dynamics can illuminate the power asymmetries inherent in globalization and transnational organizing but can also reveal the pathways through which seemingly less powerful actors can be drivers of change. These power asymmetries point to an institutional environment where exclusion is the norm: exclusion of citizens from input on the nature of international cooperation; exclusion of communities affected by globalization from having a say in the development of policies affecting them; exclusion of lower-income countries from the clubs where richer countries set global norms and rules; and exclusion of some types of knowledge and expertise from influencing dominant policy models. This pre-conference seeks to examine these exclusions, as well as attempts to redress them. 

Contributions are welcome from scholars working on any aspect of globalization and global governance. Depending on submissions, we hope to organize panels around four key themes:

(1) Changes in the organizational dynamics and bureaucratic infrastructures of global institutions  

(2) Power asymmetries in global governance

(3) Interactions between the domestic and the global(

4) Transnational social and political movements 

Call for submissionsAbstracts for papers should be linked to the broad themes that this pre-conference is intended to explore and can pursue any theoretical and methodological approaches. Papers addressing a range of topics (including global health, climate change, socio-economic development, and human rights) are welcome as long as they engage the broad problematic of globalization and global governance in the current conjuncture. Proposals that directly relate to “bureaucracies of displacement” in globalization—per the Annual Meeting’s theme—are strongly encouraged.
Submissions should have the following form:

Title: Preferred theme: (select one or more of the themes noted above)

Contact details: (author/s, affiliation, and e-mail address)

Abstract: (no more than 400 words)

All abstracts should be sent to with “ASA preconference” in the email subject. The deadline for sending abstracts is Friday, January 28, 2022. The preconference committee will inform successful applicants by Monday, February 7.

Note: The preconference proposal with all confirmed participants will be submitted for ASA Program Committee approval by February 9 (submission system closing date), and a final decision will be made by ASA after that deadline. This means that it is possible that our preconference will not be selected by ASA.

Pre-conference organizing committee

Jennifer Bair, University of Virginia

Alexander Kentikelenis, Bocconi University 

Christy Thornton, Johns Hopkins University

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