Meet the Editors: Publishing International Research in OOW Journals

Meet the Editors: Publishing International Research in OOW Journals

Research conducted outside the U.S. plays an important role in the study of Organizations, Occupations and Work. Yet it also can present unique challenges when publishing in sociology journals. What do journal editors look for in such research? How do you frame your findings for an audience unfamiliar with the your specific context? When and how do you introduce your research subjects and time-consuming effort that went into collecting your data? How do editors and peer reviewers who are not area experts assess your study? 

In this online panel, editors at leading sociology journals that publish OOW research will help the authors navigate these important questions. Editors will describe their journal’s approach to manuscripts that analyze non-U.S. data, demystify what makes for a successful publication, and explain their general review process and how they specifically handle papers with an international focus.

This panel is primarily aimed at Ph.D. students and junior scholars who conduct OOW research outside of North America. We also welcome members of the broader community of OOW (and adjacent) researchers who want to better understand the unique opportunities and challenges of publishing with non-U.S. data.

Confirmed speakers:

Elizabeth Clemens (Editor, American Journal of Sociology)

Daniel B. Cornfield (Editor, Work and Occupations)

Jesper Sorensen (Editor-in-Chief) Sociological Science

Date: February 25th 1pmET

Registration. Please fill out this form at least 48 hours prior to the event.  Registered participants will be emailed a link to the workshop 24 hours before the event.  You can also use this form to submit questions for the editors.

For questions or comments, you can


Elena Obukhova, McGill University

Katherine Sobering, University of North Texas

Yan Long, University of California, Berkeley

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