Meet Grad Students on the Market: Introducing Audrey Holm

Hello OOW members! Today we are introducing OOW Member, Audrey Holm! She is CURRENTLY on the market.

Audrey is a PhD Candidate in Management and Organizations at Boston University’s Questrom School of Business. Her research has appeared in the American Sociological Review and Academy of Management Review. Audrey was a finalist in the INFORMS/Organization Science Dissertation Proposal Competition and the Louis Pondy Best Dissertation Paper Award. Audrey received an M.B.A. from ESSEC Business School in Paris, France. Prior to entering academia, she worked as an operations manager, business development manager and consultant in the public transportation industry. Outside of academia, Audrey enjoys singing jazz and traveling.

Audrey’s research focuses on understanding inclusion and inequality, and shifting work dynamics at the individual, relational and occupational levels. She mostly draws from ethnographic observations, interviews and archival data to examine individuals’ relations to their work, organizations and occupations.

Dissertation title: Mobilizing the Unemployable: How Reentry Counselors prepare Formerly Incarcerated Jobseekers for the Labor Market

Audrey’s dissertation asks how social justice professionals live up to their ideals by examining reentry counselors’ work with formerly incarcerated jobseekers. Through her dissertation work, she aims to further theory and practice related to social justice occupations, workforce intermediaries and labor market inequality.

You can learn more about Audrey on her website or find her on Twitter @Audrey_HOLM.

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