Meet Grad Students on the Market: Introducing Leah Glass

Hello OOW members! Today we are introducing OOW Member, Leah Glass! She is CURRENTLY on the market.

Leah Glass is a current doctoral student in sociology at the Graduate Center, CUNY. Leah is a mixed methods researcher—she has experience quantitatively studying post-secondary outcomes for first generation college students, as well as conducting in-depth interviews and ethnographies in organizations. In addition to her doctoral studies, Leah also works full-time doing analytics and data science for a political non-profit. When not working or studying, you can find her cuddling with her cat Benny, reading Young Adult fiction, and watching soccer.

Dissertation title: Well Intentioned Whiteness: exploring the effects of diversity, equity, and inclusion work at an education non-profit

Her dissertation is a case study of how DEI and anti-racism is deployed and enacted at a national nonprofit. She uses ethnography and interviews to understand how the DEI & anti-racism practices and initiatives, coupled with organizational structure and culture, all within the context of a more neoliberal education landscape, reproduce inequality, despite the good intentions and progressive social-justice mission.

Her research agenda: diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) work broadly, nonprofits, the tech industry, DEI workers

You can learn more about Leah from her website or find her on Twitter.

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