OOW Sponsorship of RSW and RSO

The OOW Section is pleased to officially announce its sponsorship of two related publications: Research in the Sociology of Organizations and Research in the Sociology of Work, both published by Emerald Group Publishing.

In addition to announcing the sponsorship to our members, a statement that the volumes are “Sponsored by the ASA Section on Organizations, Occupations and Work” will appear, during the sponsorship term, on the front covers of volumes published, on the homepage of the related publications, and on leaflets and other advertising materials which promote the publications and volumes.

Importantly for our members, Emerald has agreed to  provide free electronic access to papers published in the publications, for agreed limited periods, and has agreed to contribute $1,500 USD annually towards the section. Emerald has also agreed to provide a 30% discount for OOW members of the print copies of the volumes.

The parties agreed on a period of one year (January 1— December 31, 2016) for this sponsorship, after which it will be reviewed by all parties for continuation.


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