General Social Survey (GSS) Website

On December 18th, the existing GSS website will be replaced by a new site at

Past users of the GSS website should find essentially the same information and content that existed on the old site. Among the major changes are the following:

  • NESSTAR is no longer part of the GSS website and many of its features have been replaced by GSS Data Explorer (see description below).
  • A bibliography of GSS and International Social Survey Program (ISSP) research publications has been expanded to cover over 25,000 entries. Examples of recent GSS/ISSP uses in the media are provided.

The GSS Data Explorer is a component of the GSS website. Users can both analyze and save the GSS data online; share their work with others; and download entire datasets or limited extracts for analysis in many different statistical software program. Features of the GSS Data Explorer include:

  • Integrated, nuanced search by year, subject, variable, and question text
  • The ability to export full datasets or individual variables for analysis in almost any statistical software program
  • The capacity to conduct online analysis and to save and share variables and analysis
  • Social media tools enabling users to share findings with broader communities
  • Tools for facilitating classroom teaching using the GSS
  • GSS Trends reports for the media in 2012 and 2014
  • An option to send queries to GSS staff
  • More features under development

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