LERA 2016 Conference information

Employment Relations in the Age of Uber and the Gig Economy:
Assessing our Past, Present, and Future
Bonnie Castrey, LERA President and Program Chair
Submission Deadlines
November 15: Symposia & Workshop Proposals
December 15: Full Individual Papers

We cordially invite submissions of symposia, workshops, and individual papers for the 2016 Annual Meetings of LERA, to be held May 26-May 29 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The goal of LERA’s annual meetings is to bring together people from a wide spectrum of viewpoints, and we encourage proposals from labor, management, attorneys, neutrals, and researchers – to discuss important and timely issues in the world of work and employment relations.  

Proposals relevant to this year’s theme are particularly encouraged – including outsourcing; unregulated, contingent, and low-wage work; inequality, and union/management responses.

For academic submissions, we welcome a wide range of disciplines – including sociology, political science, economics, labor and employment law, industrial relations, history, urban planning, geography, public policy and human resource studies – and the perspectives of multiple stakeholders, including workers, investors, managers, unions, and communities.

Academic symposia should include representatives from backgrounds in non-university contexts.  Representatives from government agencies and non-profits are encouraged to submit workshop proposals that address practical skills and mastery of tasks relating to regulatory oversight and enforcement.  
The LERA 68th Annual Meeting will be held in conjunction with the 2016 Industry Studies Association Conference, May 24-26, both to take place at the Millennium Hotel in Minneapolis. Our two meetings will overlap on Thursday, May 26, and will feature joint sessions and joint special events.
To access more information and online submission forms, please visit:

Those wishing to submit single papers rather than sessions are encouraged to submit those as well, and details can be found online at the page listed above. Contact LERAoffice@illinois.edu if you have any questions. 

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