Call for Abstracts: Leadership Excellence and Gender Symposium

Section members may be interested in the announcement of the Leadership Excellence and Gender Symposium, hosted by the Krannert School of Management at Purdue University on March 28-30, 2016.

This is the Inaugural Leader Excellence Research Symposium organized by the Susan Bulkeley Butler Center for Leadership Excellence and the Krannert School of Management, among other partners.

The purpose of this symposium is to highlight cutting edge research and evidence-based practice regarding the creation and sustainment of
work–especially within the context of organizational, managerial, and occupational environments–that supports gender equality, leader excellence
and career success in organizations. More details regarding this interdisciplinary symposium can be found at:

On the link above, you will find a call for abstracts, for which the deadline is November 15th, 2015 (though earlier submissions are encouraged,
as space will be limited). Students and faculty from organizational behavior and theory, sociology, human resource management, psychology, economics, industrial relations, science, engineering, technology, strategy, education, political science, women’s studies, public health, communications, and all other disciplines which share a common research interest in gender and the workplace are invited to submit an abstract for consideration. Instructions for abstract submission can be found in the symposium link above.

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