Memorial Gathering in Honor of Randy Hodson in at this year’s ASA in Chicago.

Dear Section Members,

As you have perhaps know by now, Randy Hodson, a member of the section and prior recipient of the OOW section’s Max Weber (1999) and W. Richard Scott Awards (2005) and the IPM section’s Robert M. Hauser Distinguished Scholar Award (2014), passed away this Spring at young age of 62. Friend’s and admirers of Randy and his work will be gathering for a remembrance, to share thoughts regarding Randy as a friend and colleague, at this year’s ASA in Chicago.  We hope anyone who knew of or appreciated Randy as a person and/or scholar in the field will join us for this event.  Time, date and location will be on the ASA program, but are listed here, below, for your convenience.

Event Name:                    Memorial Gathering in Honor of Randy Hodson

Room Assignment:         Hilton Chicago, Astoria Room, Third Floor

Event Date and Time:        Sunday, 8/23/2015; 8:00-10:00pm

Best Wishes,

Vinnie Roscigno

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