Announcements: Recent Publications by OOW Member, Adia Harvey Wingfield

Several recent publications from Adia Harvey Wingfield may be of interest to OOW members.

Harvey Wingfield, Adia and Taura Taylor. (2014.) “Entrepreneurship as Empowerment: Agency, Counterframing, and Black Business Owners’ Decision Making.” In Racism: Global Perspectives, Coping Strategies, and Social Implications. Ed.Tracey Lowell. Hauppage, NY: Nova Science Publishers. Pp. 21-36.

Harvey Wingfield, Adia and John Harvey Wingfield. (2014.) “When Visibility Hurts and Helps: Assessing Intersections of Race and Gender in Shaping Black Professional Men’s Experiences with Tokenism.” Cultural Diversity and Ethnic Minority Psychology 20 (4): 483-490.

Harvey Wingfield, Adia and Ranell Myles. (2014.) “Still a Man’s World? Reconsidering Men Who Do ‘Women’s Work.’” Sociology Compass 8 (10): 1206-1215.

Harvey Wingfield, Adia. (2014.) “Crossing the Color Line: Black Professional Men’s Development of Interracial Social Networks.” Societies 4: 240-255.


You can contact Adia Harvey Wingfield at after June 1.

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