Call for Papers: Turkish Journal of Sociology

The Turkish Journal of Sociology wishes to publish its first issue devoted to military sociology. First published in 1917, The Turkish Journal of Sociology is a publication of the Department of Sociology of the Istanbul University Faculty of Letters, the first and leading sociology department in Turkey. The Turkish Journal of Sociology is a peer-reviewed, biannually published journal (

Modern militaries have undergone considerable change in recent decades. This is a reflection of dramatic changes in society, including changes in inter- and intra-state politics, public opinion, civil-military relations, demographics, and both short-and long-term military engagements around the world. Within Turkey, issues surrounding the military have received considerable attention in the political science, military history, and military science arenas. However, amid the quickly changing contexts in which its military operates, in tandem with its importance domestically and internationally, Turkey remains an understudied country in the field of military sociology studies.

The special issue of The Turkish Journal of Sociology, dedicated to military sociology, is scheduled for publication in December of 2015. We welcome manuscripts that use a variety of levels of analysis and methodologies, apply different theoretical orientations, and explore diverse socio-demographic foci in relation to the military institution, military service, and/or civil-military relations. Articles will be selected for publication based on topical relevance, clarity of argument, and level of significance and contribution to the field of military sociology.

Topics may include, but are not restricted to:

– Development of military sociology in non-western countries

– Military Sociology in Turkey

– Scientific research methods in military sociology

– Citizenship and compulsory military service

– Military manpower and recruiting

– The future of the Army profession

– Compulsory military service in Turkey vs. an all-volunteer force or other alternative models

– Civilians and the military

– The relationship between the military and social

– institutions: law, religion, economy, media, family

– Theories of Civil-Military Relations

– Contemporary issues in civil-military relations

– Military and the family

– Women & ethnic minorities in the military

– New missions and roles for the military in transnational operations

– Peacekeeping operations

– The war against terror

Manuscripts should be submitted electronically in English to Ryan Kelty, Ph.D., who will be guest editing this special issue, and in Turkish to Adem Baspinar at and, respectively. Subject heading for the email when submitting a manuscript should read, “Manuscript Submission for Special Issue of the Turkish Journal of Sociology.” Electronic submissions should be sent as email attachments in either .doc or .docx format. Work submitted for potential inclusion in this Special Issue must be a complete manuscript that adheres to the Turkish Journal of Sociology’s submission requirements, which may be found on the journal’s official website:

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