OOW sections at ASA 2015

The OOW section has seven sessions this year.

1-3.  Three open submission, open-topic sessions, organized by Heather Haveman and Phyllis Moen:

The Organizations, Occupations, and Work Section welcomes submissions on any topic relevant to the section’s mission, from very micro (individual worker) to very macro (interorganizational fields).  The organizers, Phyllis Moen and Heather Haveman, will sift through the submissions and create three coherent sessions.

4. The Changing Nature of the Employment Relation, organized by Matt Vidal and Christine Williams:

Changes to the employment relationship over the last 30 years have brought reduced security and opportunities for internal promotion.  Outsourcing, downsizing, non-standard employment relations and the move to flatter organizations mean that more jobs are now dead-end and/or precarious.  We thus invite papers on topics such as the decline (or otherwise) of internal labor markets, and how precariousness differentially affects groups by class, gender, race, age, sexuality, and other factors.

5. EEOC at Work: Research Resources for Sociologists, organized by Alexandra Kalev and Julie Kmec:

The goal of this session is to bring together researchers in the academy and at the EEOC and the Department of Labor to highlight what we have learned about workplace patterns of inequality from EEOC data as well as how researchers can use such data.  Panelists will present research and provide practical advice to scholars interested in the different types of data on workplace inequalities available from the Federal government.

6. Gender and Sexuality at Work, organized by Maura Kelly and Allison Pugh (joint with the Section on Sex and Gender):

We seek papers that address gender, sexuality, and work, particularly given the contemporary organization of work and labor relations.  Papers could consider how gender identities and sexual identities are salient at work, how workers experience gender- and sexuality-based discrimination, how organizations are gendered and sexualized, and how gender and sexuality intersect with the experience of work flexibility and precariousness.

7. Section on Organizations, Occupations, and Work Roundtable Sessions, organized by Lindsey O’Connor, Katherine Kellogg, and Diane Pike:

The OOW Roundtables will consist of approximately 20 to 25 sessions featuring research on a wide range of topics related to Organizations, Occupations, and Work.  Common themes from previous roundtables have included inequality in the workplace, organizational learning and change, the work/family interface, and social capital/networks.  The roundtables will also include several tables dedicated to a workshop on teaching concepts related to Organizations, Occupations, and Work.

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